This website is intended to be a helpful guide for the Computer Lab Assistant (CLA) on how the Campus Technology Services (CTS) open lab operations are performed.  The open access labs are an important part of the campus's desire to meet the technology needs of students.  CLAs are an important part of Campus Technology Services' plan to meet those needs.  For most lab users, the CLA is the only CTS staff person with whom they will have contact.  Their impressions of our services and labs are formed (for better or worse) on the basis of this contact with you.  Your primary responsibility is to serve the patrons, ie, faculty staff and students. 

Check out the CTS Knowledge Base for articles related to the procedures and responsibilities of being a CLA.

Here is some general information to remember:

The CLA email alias ( is used to communicate with all CLAs and CTS staff. Use this alias if the lab you are in needs paper or toner, if you have questions pertaining to anything lab related, if you contact UP to pick up lost items, etc.

CLAs are required to read their electronic mail that pertains to CTS, a minimum of once every 24 hours. Assistants must comply with all CTS policies and procedures.

Computer lab reservations are made through Campus Life.