The following calendar shows both approved change management requests to CTS systems as well as "Patch Wednesday" updates that are applied to SUNY Oswego-owned campus computers.

What is Patch Wednesday?

CTS will update SUNY-Oswego owned faculty/staff computers on Wednesday mornings.  These updates may include operating system and security patches (Windows or Mac) as well as software running on your computer such as Office, Adobe Reader, Flash, etc.  Any updates will be applied only after being thoroughly tested by CTS. 

What are Change Management requests?

Change Management requests are changes of any kind to campus services or servers. These can range from a simple patch being applied to a single server or a large scale update to services like myOswego or campus wireless that could cause a service to be temporary unavailable while the change is being made. Change Management requests are approved by CTS management after being thoroughly tested. They also contain contingency plans in case the change process fails for some reason. For security reasons, the details of these requests may not always be shared in full on this calendar.


Green = Change Management requests
Red = Patch Wednesday items