CTAB Meeting Minutes, September 9, 2022

8:00 am - 9:30 am via Zoom and in person MCC 114


Approval of Agenda

    • Making a change - moving the Digital Environmental Update to a later date.
    • Motion to approve, Dave Sargent, second John Kane
    • All in favor. 

    Approval of May meeting minutes

      • Motion to approve, Dave Sargent, second John Kane
      • All in favor.

      Open Session - Q & A

        • Leigh - Regarding the Shineman endowment grant, I would just like to encourage everyone to apply, also, this would align with the TIP grant.  Bill Bowers - Sep 15, 2022, is the deadline.
        • Poon - I am new to the committee and would like to hear more about the committee.  Sean explained the function of the committee and the sub-committees.

        Committee Reports

          • ITC Report (Theresa)
            • No update 
          • IT Steering (Sean)
            • Will meet a couple times during the year.
          • CTS Report
            • Summer 2022
            • 2022-23 CTS Priorities


            • Digital Learning Environment Update (Decker, Dutton, Gilliard-Cook)
            • December 21st is the date for BB to be turned off.
            • Poon - Is there a timeframe for winter course migration?  Kathi - Will start in the next few weeks.  Kathi explained the process of the conversion of the course shell and importing it into BrightSpace.  Poon - Can we create our own course shell?  Kathi - No, but Kathi can do a development shell.  Have to look at development shells.  Poon - Asked about the use of Panopto in BrightSpace.  Kathi explained how it is currently being done.  Working on an easier process.