CTAB Meeting Minutes, February 10, 2023

8:03 am - 9:30 am
Zoom and 123 Penfield (CELT) in person

1.  Welcome

2.  Review of Agenda

3.  December meeting minutes

4.  Open Session - Q & A

5.  Committee Reports

    • ITC Report (Dave) Have not met yet this semester.

    • IT Steering (Sean) Have not met yet this semester.

6.  SUNY Oswego and NYSERNet partnership update

    • Jennifer Oxenford is joining us from Philadelphia, Larry Gallery, Christy Rohmer, Akshata Mahale and Jeff Harrington.
    • Oswego’s Robust Network.  Greg - Resilient Network

7.  Advantages of the NYSERNet partnership - how it improves access for our learning, teaching and research. NYSERNet CTAB Presentation    NYSERNet Meeting Presentation

8.  CTS Report

    • Winter 2022/23 projects (Sean)
    • Digital Learning Environment Update (Kathi, Nicole & Theresa)
      • Poon is there a timeline on Turnitin? Kathi - Turnitin is available now for your written assignments, you just need to enable it. Unsure about the AI writings. We are exploring that and we have some meetings coming up. Theresa - There are ways to utilize g-chat as well. We will be looking at ways to strategically use these tools and identify what might be happening. There is some talk within these plagiarism tools. Will be working with Turnitin and hopefully we will be able to offer some quick sessions to help.
    • Print Project (Nicole, Karen Hurd and Steven Denbleyker)

9.  Adjourn