Investment Club bylaws

I.    Mission Statement
The mission of the State University of New York at Oswego ("SUNY Oswego" or "the College") Investment Club ("the SOIC" ) is to expand the educational experiences available to its student members by managing an investment portfolio (the "fund" ).  Participation in the SOIC offers its student members a learning experience which shall include exposure to various types of investments, investment strategies and portfolio construction and management. This hands-on experience, coupled to the integration with current events and guest speaker presentations, will serve to contribute to the educational experience of its student members and enhance their learning experience at SUNY Oswego.  As an activity sponsored by the School of Business ("B-School"), which recognizes the broader importance of a basic knowledge of investments and investing as it relatesmiss to daily life, the SOIC opens its doors to all SUNY Oswego students. By offering membership to any SUNY Oswego student, the SOIC intends to enhance their broad-based learning experiences available both within the School of Business and at the College.

General Membership  
a.     Recruitment Process
                        i.     Membership opportunities to apply for participation in the SOIC will be conducted at the
                               discretion of the Management Committee in the fall semester of every year.
                       ii.     Recruitment and advertising will be responsibility of the VP of Marketing of the group
b.     Application process
                        i.     All members shall be enrolled students at SUNY Oswego.
                       ii.     All prospective members must fill out the official SOIC Application to be reviewed by the
                               Management Committee, group members, and faculty advisor.
                      iii.     Applicants will be selected by the Management Committee and the Faculty Advisor based on
                               following criteria:
                              1.     Academic performance
                              2.     Proven dedication with other organizations/ leadership
                              3.     Course work
                              4.     General interest in the financial services industry
c.     SOIC will have a minimum membership goal, including its four officers, of 12 individuals.

Duties of General Members
                   a.     Attend regularly scheduled meetings.
                   b.     Participate in club events and fulfill research responsibilities.
                   c.     Maintain enrollment in the College.
                   d.     Members not complying with these duties shall be subject to the penalties found in
                           Article IV of this document.

Removal of a Member
                  a.     For inadequate fulfillment of a general member responsibilities as outlined in the document
                          herein, or based upon actions deemed disruptive to the proceedings of the club, disciplinary
                          actions including dismissal can be taken with a majority vote of the Management Committee
                          and approval by the Faculty Advisor.
                  b.     Disciplinary Actions will consist of three required steps:
                                  i.     Formal sanction at regularly scheduled meeting
                                 ii.     Temporary suspension from the Club.
                                iii.     Dismissal from the group

Management Committee:
The Club shall have a Management Committee which is comprised of student members from its organization. 
a.     The Committee shall have the following Management Committee positions:
                 i.     Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - will serve as President of the organization and preside at all
                        meetings of SOIC. The Chief Executive Officer will serve as Chair of the Management Committee
                        (referred to henceforth as "Chair"), and is responsible for coordination of general meetings and
                        educational initiatives of the Group.
                ii.     Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - will maintain the title of Vice-Chair and treasurer of the club
                        (referred to henceforth as "CFO"), and will be responsible maintaining up to date SOIC
                        financial records, presenting monthly reports on investments and handling operating budgets.
                iii.    Vice President (VP) of Activities - will be responsible for the presentation of materials/resources
                        that serve to educate members on all aspects of investing. They will also be responsible for
                        coordinating guest speakers and organizing club events.
                iv.     Vice President (VP) of Marketing - will be responsible for promotion of the club and recruiting
                        members interested in investments.

b.     Stipulation of Overlapping Positions: No person may serve in more than one role on the Management
c.     The appointment period for each Management Committee member is one year beginning on the first day
        of the fiscal year (July 1).
d.     Management Committee members are eligible for additional one year terms, subject to annual approval
        by the Advisory Board.

Management Committee Succession
a.     Succession of the Management Committee shall be the following in the event of absence or inability
                   to perform duties:
                   i.     For Chief Executive Officer
                               1.     Chief Financial Officer
                  ii.     For Chief Financial Officer
                               1.     VP of Activities
                               2.     VP of Marketing 
                 iii.     For VP of Activities
                               1.     VP of Marketing
                 iv.     For VP of Marketing
                               1.     VP of Activities

b.     Year-to-Year Succession Guidelines
               i.     It shall be the duty of the present year's Management Committee to ensure that a successful
                      transition takes place.
              ii.     Each Management Committee member must identify a qualified current member to enter a
                      "mentoring" phase in which the selected member will shadow the officer in their respective roles.
             iii.     After identification by the current management Committee member, potential candidates will be
                      approved by the Advisory Board, in consultation with the Management Committee, in the
                      penultimate semester to the current committee member's graduation date. 
             iv.     Candidates must fulfill current duties within the group in addition the shadowing of the executive.

a.     General Meetings - The purpose of general meetings is to discuss the current state of the club,
                    review and analyze portfolio performance, discuss current events, hold informative presentations,
                    review budgets and any other activities officers see fit. Meetings shall be:
                   i.     Held on at least a bi-weekly basis during school semesters.
                   ii.     Open to all students, including those who are interested in participating in the club.
           b.     Executive Meetings - The purpose of executive meetings is to ensure that the club is meeting its
                   goals as laid out in the above mentioned mission statement. Meetings will take place at a time
                   mutually agreed to by both the officers and faculty advisor. They shall take place at least monthly
                   during the school semester.

                 a.     Amendments shall be proposed by any general member of the Group, and co-sponsored by
                         any member of the member of the Management Committee.