Isabelle Bichindaritz

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Isabelle Bichindaritz researching how to better integrate search of research journals and building a knowledge base.

Isabelle Bichindaritz, a new assistant professor of computer science, is seeking a solution to the ever-expanding siloed nature of research. Her latest project involves building a search engine that can probe research in different journals, aggregate the information in one interdisciplinary source, and reason from it to facilitate the transfer of knowledge.

"Applied areas, for example in technology, have grown to a point that they are much larger  than any particular area," she explained. "Through artificial intelligence, I want people to be able to search by analogy across domains. I think it's important because there is very little being done for interdisciplinary research and findings because research is traditionally seen as more discipline-specific." The testbed for her system is first going to be biomedical informatics and its contributions to the field of data mining and analytics.

Bichindaritz comes to Oswego with a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Paris V Rene Descartes and an M.Sc. in computer science from the University of Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie. She was most recently an assistant professor at the University of Washington Tacoma.