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Printing in/to the Computer Lab Printers

  • Most general access CTS computer labs have black laser printers available for printing. Some also have color printing available. Please see the chart below for availability.
  • All users receive a certain number of pages in which to print each semester/session. Please review the Printing Policies for more information on this page allocation and how pages are deducted from it.
  • If you would like to print to a lab printer from your personal computer, you may do so using our Pharos printing system.

Types of Printers Available

Computer Lab Black Laser Printer Color Laser Printer
Mahar Lab Yes No
Marano Campus Center Lab Yes Yes
Penfield Lab Yes Yes
Penfield 24 Hour Room Lab Yes Yes*
Hart Residential Lab Yes No
Oneida Residential Lab Yes No
Scales Residential Lab Yes No

*The Penfield 24 Hour Room Lab prints to the color printer in the main Penfield Lab on the first floor. Printouts can be picked up there during normal Library Hours.