Withdrawal prior to semester start

Degree-seeking Undergraduate students who have registered for Fall 2015 courses but wish to withdraw / drop all coursework may do so using their oswego.edu email prior to the first day of classes.  Copy and paste the information below into an email, fill in your name and ID number and send to the Registrar's Office email (registra@oswego.edu). This method may be used only prior to the start of classes; the last day email withdrawals will be accepted is August 23.



Student ID number:

Student Name:

I will not be returning to SUNY Oswego for the Fall 2015 semester. Please remove all registration for Fall 2015 from my record.



Please also tell us if you are:

Leaving college to serve in the armed forces / been called to active duty, or
to serve with a foreign aid service of the Federal Government (e.g. Peace Corps), or
to serve on an official Church mission.