Graphic Design

Program Information

The Graphic Design degree programs offer concentrated and structured programs in the study of contemporary graphic design, including intensive training in graphic design, studio art, art history and museum studies. This major is designed to prepare students not only to become graphic designers, but artists, who illustrate, photograph, sculpt, paint, print, and create computer and digital images. Students devote a majority of their junior year to a range of study in graphic design theory and practices in both print as well as multimedia technologies. During this study, they engage in the preparation of an individual print and electronic portfolio, leaving their senior year open for specialized study in any area of graphic design or studio art. 

Degree Offerings:
BFA Graphic Design
BA Track III - Graphic Design
Art Minor

Students in the BFA Graphic Design program concentrate on the study and practice of contemporary graphic design theory, emerging digital media, techniques and application. The Graphic Design program prepares graduates for positions in the visual communications industry. Students use state-of-the-art computer workstations and peripheral devices in a hands-on studio environment to create a wide range of projects. Program studies include studio study of print, web, and multimedia design as well as study of photography, illustration, integrated media, 3D modeling, motion graphics, and animation.

Students earning an art minor or BA degree can also choose to study graphic design. The BA offers ample opportunity for multiple or interdisciplinary studies in various programs across campus including psychology, cognitive science, communications, advertising/marketing, technology education and information science, among others. Many BA students choose to pursue a second major or minor.