Faculty Assembly Minutes                                                                 March 19, 2012

Chair: Joan Carroll                                                 Recorder: Stephanie Bischoping


Members Absent: M. Nojan, A. Johnson, E. Olson, S. Moore, A. Ieta

The meeting was called to order at 3:10 PM.


I.                   Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved after amendment to delete approval of the February 27, 2012 minutes. These will be added to the agenda for the next meeting.



II.                FA Interim Chair's Report - J. Carroll

Professor Carroll began by welcoming everyone back from break and encouraging everyone to please take time to read our Middle States Self-Study. She reminded the assembly that we are still seeking a replacement clerk. If you have any recommendations please email Professor Carroll.

Faculty Assembly now has its own email address. From now on please email proposals and handouts in pdf or word format to the clerk at the new address: faculty.assembly@oswego.edu.

Also please remember to bring your reusable beverage container to FA meetings and state your name and department when addressing the assembly. 

Finally there is a Behavioral Sciences seat on the Gen Ed Council which will be on the agenda for the next meeting.



III.             Reports of Councils, Committees, and Task Forces

·         Personnel Policies

PPC has been working with the provost to create the Task force on Shared Governance committee structure and collaboration for which there was a handout this meeting. 


·         Academic Policies Council

Met on March 2, 2012 and discussed the requested restrictions for students wishing to change their majors to Biology and Zoology. The request was not approved. APC has asked for justification for the requirement of C- of better in ENG 102, CHE 111 and MAT120 or MAT 210.  MAT 120 (or equivalent) must be changed to MAT 120 or MAT 210 for all majors.

The Council approved the proposed revisions to the Childhood Education 1-6: Social Studies Concentration but returned the changes to the Childhood Education 7-12: Social Studies Concentration to the department for clarification of the language.


·         Priorities and Planning

Met on March 2, 2012 and discussed the Middle states report with Liz Schmitt and Lorrie Clemo.  They also discussed the request from the Communication Studies department to require a GPA of at least 2.5 for transfer into the Broadcasting and Mass Communications major. This restriction is necessary because of the current high demand for this degree and the physical limitations in lab and studio space which are necessary for students to complete their coursework. The council approved the request.


·         General Education

Met on March 6, 2012 and continued their discussion of the General Education Models proposed by the GE21 Task Force and determined strengths and weaknesses of each model.  They have not formed a recommendation at this time. 


·         Information Technology Council

Will meet Friday at 3:00 pm in the library.


·         Graduate Council

Will meet on March 23.


·         Library Council

Will meet Thursday at 1:00pm. 


·         Admissions and Student Services Council

Will meet on April 11.  Please see the handout about the no unnecessary travel resolution. 


·         Undergraduate Curriculum Council

Met on February 15, 2012 and approved the following courses:
   * TED 209 - Technical Writing and Literacy
   * TEL 120 - Introduction to Materials Technologies
   * TEL 130 - Computing Technology and Information Systems for Technology Careers
   * TEL 240 - Electronics Technology
   * TEL 343 - Digital Electronics Systems
   * TEL 355 - Energy and Power Technology
   * TEL 363 - Communication and Multimedia Systems
   * TEL 396 - Laboratory Management Practicum
   * TEL 397 - Laboratory Instruction Practicum
   * TEL 442 - Mechatronic Systems
   * TEL 205 - Materials Precision Production
   * TEL 247 - Computer Aided Design
   * TEL 323 - Construction Systems

Also met on March 7, 2012 and approved the following courses:
   * BIO 342 - Fungal Biology
   * CAS 300 - Number may change (can't be used for WST 300)
   * ENG 326 - English Drama: City Comedy and Revenge Tragedy
   * ENG 327 - English Drama: Satire and Empire
   * ENG 387 to CSS 487 only change subject code
   * GLS 318 - Exploring Culture in the Cuban Context
   * GST 398 - Change to "On-Campus" Internship
   * MAT 249 - Engineering Mathematics
   * POL 409 - Comparative Energy Policy
   * PSY 320 - Developmental Psychology
   * TEL 353 - Transportation Systems
   * TEL 393 - Manufacturing Systems

UCC also shared some additions to their website including the procedure page, prerequisite change form, and other changes.  The proposal archive will be unveiled next meeting.

UCC's next meeting is not yet scheduled.


·         Academic Outreach

Tim Nekritz is working on finding a meeting time. 


·         Campus Concept Committee

The committee met on Wednesday, 7 March to discuss the planning and design schedule for the first phase of the Tyler Hall project. This phase will address the mechanicals in Tyler Hall, Waterman Theatre, the lobby area, and a music performance space.

The committee also received and update on student activity space planning. This includes a renovation and small expansion of the Glimmerglass Fitness center and an addition to the northern side of the Campus Center.

The committee will meet again on 25 April with the design team for the Tyler Hall project.


·         Writing Across the Curriculum Steering Committee

Met on March 6, 2012 with Patrick Murphy and Judith Belt to discuss plans for the Writing center.


·         Gen Ed Task Force

No Report. The task force will meet on Wednesday at 8:00.


·         Assessment Advisory

Met on March 2. Discussed some preliminary research on student effort in general education classes; discussed writing across the curriculum; and worked, primarily, on the website. 


·         Catalog Coordinator

The current callout is for requests to change the Graduate catalog. This deadline is next Friday. 


·         UUP

There is no negotiations update.  Everyone is encouraged to attend the chapter meeting on Wednesday at 4:30 in 223 Rich Hall.  One of the important points will be pay increases for adjunct faculty.

If you applied for IDAP you should have heard by now.  The UUP scholarship is not going to be in existence until there is another contract. 



IV.             Elections

Todd Graber from MUS was elected as Cynthia Clabough's sabbatical replacement in the School of Communication, Media and the Arts seat on the Priorities and Planning Council.



V.                Unfinished Business

Academic Policies Council Updated Reporting Out Procedures

These reporting out procedures are being modified to reflect current practices which allow APC to inform the Assembly of its process for informational decisions (rather than significant program changes and policy issues) which do not require a vote in the Assembly.  The change in procedures adds a category called "Action Report" to the current reporting out arrangement which includes "Formal Report" - requires FA action, and "Informational Report" - items that require no action on the part of FA but serve as information for the assembly.

There was significant discussion about the wording of this document, resulting in a friendly amendment. In the Action report section, the word necessarily was added so that it now reads: "Items included under an action report are a change or changes that require APC approval but not necessarily an FA vote." 

The changes were approved by a vote of 39 to 0. 


Pre-Registration Pilot for Transfer Students

Chris Hockey, Transfer Services Coordinator presented this is request to create a similar process to the freshman pilot where students transferring in would be preregistered for 2-3 of their major based classes (core and cognates).  This would be done by a scheduling team similar to what Michelle Bandla did with freshmen during the first year pre-registration pilot.  Prior to registration, students would be asked for some personal preferences and limitations, such as days of week, hours, etc. which would be considered in selecting their courses. The goals are to make the summer orientation experience less stressful for students and faculty and to aid departments in planning and managing course offerings. Public Justice, Art, Curriculum & Instruction, Communication Studies and Biological Sciences piloted this process last summer and it was very successful.  The pilot was approved with a vote 37 to 2. 



VI.             New Business

Time did not allow for New Business. 



The meeting was adjourned at 4:47 PM.