General Facutly Minutes Feb 13


General Faculty Meeting Minutes                                                February 13, 2012

Chair: Joan Carroll                                              Recorder: Stephanie Bischoping


The meeting was called to order at 4: 06P.M.



I.                   Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved unanimously after amending the date of the meeting to February 13, 2012.


II.                Approval of Minutes of General Faculty Meeting of September 12, 2011

The minutes were approved unanimously.


III.             President's Report - D. Stanley

The president began her report by welcoming Joan Carroll to the position as Faculty Assembly Chair and thanking the faculty for rescheduling the meeting. She also congratulated the 23 students and faculty who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, all reaching the summit. 


Governor's Executive Budget

The executive budget came out as was expected. The chancellor has been maintaining a close relationship with the governor who seems pleased that there is a strong university system in New York. The deficit in NY is predicted to be lower than in previous years. The governor kept his promise; last year's 5-year tuition plan is established in concert with a maintenance of effort provision. There have been no raises across the board. UUP's contract is still unresolved.  In other contracts, employees are being asked to take a seven day furlough.  The fifth year of Capital Funding has been approved.  There has been no money appropriated this year for residence hall renovations.  This is the second year of reducing the ability to leverage money for the purposes of infrastructure. The current five-year plan will be completed, but a change in policy is being rolled in. The president is wary about forming a new five-year plan with the governor's office.  She does not want to see a return to the pre five-year era. Included in the budget is a child care reduction provision and a $300 tuition increase that will generate $2.1-2.4 million for Oswego.  


2012 Legislative Budget Request

SUNY hospitals have requested $55 billion for fringe benefit costs in addition to $60 million in the executive budget. Community Colleges have requested $30.1 million. State operated campuses have requested $16.5 million in tuition sharing. The governor says he will not budge on this issue. The total appropriations request is $600 million for 3 academic hospitals and $355 million for residence halls. 


Spring Enrollment

We currently have 6,998 full-time students, down 17 students from last year, and 810 part-time, down 111 from last year. The total credit hours offered are at 105,528, which is down 329 hours from last year. Joe Grant, V-P of student affairs and enrollment management is on leave from his position due to family concerns. Mehran Nojan, Director of Institutional Research, is currently handling enrollment management while the president considers alternative organizational structures. The president will also be looking to hire a chief of staff.


Middle States

The president is beginning a round of departmental visits to learn what is going on across campus as we move forward with preparations for our Middle States visit. There are many good things happening across campus, but occasionally we need to study a few things to make sure we are going in the right direction. 


Sesquicentennial Winds Down

We have completed four of the eight part videos detailing SUNY Oswego's past, present and future, and they have been going well.  The president is very proud of how they turned out. 


Black History Month Events

Black History Month is currently underway, and there are many exciting events scheduled.  The president hopes faculty and staff will participate. 


Shared Services

SUNY Oswego has had many meetings with SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry.  The president and her team are looking behind the scenes at saving money when purchasing anything on campus, including outsourcing and collective purchasing. The chancellor talked about establishing regional centers, but there is not much infrastructure in place for this. A group has been formed to audit scientific equipment at Oswego, ESF, and Syracuse University in order to help smaller campuses throughout New York State. 



This is the Chancellor's Financial and Administrative Strategy Team (FAST), which will be hearing what the Resource Allocation Team (RAT) has to say. We are the only team working on performance based funding.  We are being required to take 5% of administrative money and put it toward academics. 


III.             FA Senate - Gwen Kay

Report was presented at Faculty Assembly on January 30. The report is attached to these minutes.


IV.             UUP Report- S. Abraham

The UUP Office has moved to Hewitt Union Room 220.  The email remains  As a reminder, your chapter officers for 2011-2012 are:

President- Steve Abraham
VP-Academics- Maureen Curtin
VP-Professionals- David Kahn
Treasurer- John MacDonald
Secretary- Winfield Ihlow
Part Time Representative- Lori Nash
Academic Grievance Officer- Bruce Altschuler
Professional Grievance Officer- Bill Canning

IDAP applications are due this Friday (All events through March 31, 2012)

There is nothing major to report on contract negotiations.  At this point, employees represented by CSEA, PEF and PBA all have ratified contracts with the state but it would be inappropriate for me as UUP president to make any comments about those agreements.  You may have heard a lot of things about those contracts that you do not like.  Of course, I cannot guarantee that those things will not be in our contract but our negotiators are trying to point out how those 2unions are different from UUP which would make it inappropriate for UUP to accept the exact same contract that other unions have accepted/ ratified.

Recent chronology of negotiations includes:

-          Initial Proposals were exchanged on August 29, 2011

-          Meetings held from then until Feb 9 (most recent)

-          UUP negotiators gave a detailed set of proposals to the state on January 11, 2012

-          The state responded in detail on January 26

-          On February 9 the next meeting was held

Additional updates about UUP's negotiations with the state will be provided on the UUP website. Even if an agreement is reached, the next level is a committee that must approve that contract before it is given to the members for ratification.  (Both Lori Nash and Steve Abraham from our campus are on that committee.)

Triborough doctrine - benefits extended.  Any benefit under the contract expired on July 1 will automatically continue unless that benefit had a specific sunset date in the contract.  For example, medical and dental insurance extended, eyeglass coverage extends, etc. 


V.                Chair Report - J. Carroll

The chair began her report by announcing that the current Clerk to the Assembly is going to be student teaching in the fall and we are looking for a replacement.  The requirements are that a student is conscientious, responsible, has a good sense of humor and is reliable.  If you have any recommendations please email Joan Carroll. 

She continued by reminding everyone state their name and department when reporting at FA meetings so that we can get to know each other's names better. 

Gwen Kay's three year term as Faculty Senator will be completed this spring. She is willing to run for reelection but personnel Policies will be calling for nominations for anyone who would like to run against her.

Oswego is hosting the SUNY Faculty Senate Fall plenary next October.  Joan Carroll and Gwen Kay have been meeting with Diana Forbes to discuss this large undertaking. 

Finally everyone is reminded to please bring a reusable cup for their beverages at FA meetings. 



VI.             New Business             There was no new business.



The meeting was adjourned at 5:18 P.M.