February 13 Minutes


Faculty Assembly Minutes                                                             February 13, 2012

Chair: Joan Carroll                                                Recorder: Stephanie Bischoping



Members Absent: M. Nojan, Y. Petrella, J. Early, A. Johnson, J. Nichols, A. Ieta, K. Macey


The meeting was called to order at 3:11 PM.


I.                   Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved as revised to remove the Revisions to APC reporting out Memo under Unfinished Business.


II.                Approval of January 30, 2012 Minutes

The minutes were approved as distributed.


III.             FA Interim Chair's Report - J. Carroll

The chair began her report by announcing that the current Clerk to the Assembly is going to be student teaching in the fall and we are looking for a replacement.  The requirements are that a student is conscientious, responsible, has a good sense of humor and is reliable.  If you have any recommendations please email Joan Carroll. 

She continued by reminding everyone to state their name and department when reporting at FA meetings so that we can get to know each other's names better. 

Gwen Kay's (HIS) three-year term as Faculty Senator ends June 30. She is willing to run for reelection but personnel Policies will be calling for nominations for anyone who would like to run against her. 

Oswego is hosting the Faculty Senate Fall plenary next October.  Professors Carroll and Kay have been meeting with Diana Forbes to discuss this large undertaking. 

Finally, everyone is reminded to please bring a reusable cup for their beverages at FA meetings. 


IV.             Reports of Councils, Committees, and Task Forces

·         Personnel Policies

Following the advice of Patrick Murphy (ENG) the council is withdrawing its proposal to change the basis for departmental representation on FA.  Instead the council will recommend the establishment of a governance task force to work towards a more appropriate apportionment of representation as well as to tackle other issues related to college-wide governance and committee structure.  This would likely involve a restructure of current FA council memberships.  Faculty Assembly restructure was last done in the early 1990's and was about a 7 year process. 


·         Academic Policies Council

No Report - Will meet on Friday


·         Priorities and Planning

No Report - Will meet on Friday


·         General Education

No Report - Will meet on Wednesday


·         Information Technology Council

No Report


·         Graduate Council

Met last Friday, February 10, and approved the following 6 Courses:

Literacy 595: Current Topics in Literacy

MBA 600: Healthcare Systems in the United States

MBA 601: Issues in Health Law

MBA 602: Managerial Epidemiology

MBA 603: Financial Management for Healthcare Organizations

MBA 610: Nursing Home Administration

Next meeting will be Friday February 24


·         Library Council

No Report


·         Admissions and Student Services Council

Met and went over the No Unnecessary Travel ordinance revision and a new proposal will be presented in two weeks.  Most of the points that were discussed were beyond the scope of the council. 


·         Undergraduate Curriculum Council

No Report - Will meet on Wednesday


·         Academic Outreach

No Report 


·         Campus Concept Committee

Met last Wednesday and were given an update on current projects, specifically the science complex.  According to the Construction companies the construction is on target for timely completion. 


·         Writing Across the Curriculum Steering Committee

Jennifer Knapp reported that there is a writing drop-in center for students in Penfield on Fridays.  Mike Murphy wanted to report that the WAC steering committee did not want to take any actions on assessment without clearing it with the Assessment Advisory Committee.  Also any advice on the Writing Across the Curriculum website can be sent to Mike Murphy. 


·         General Education Task Force

The report is not ready to present to the assembly today, but the task force plans to present its three models for General Education Reform at the next Faculty Assembly meeting. In the meFollowing the presentation they will hold a panel where faculty can bring their questions to the Task Force.  Department Chairs will be asked to discuss the report in their individual Department Meetings. 


·         Assessment Advisory Committee

Meeting in a two-week rotation to get their future website on line.  They spent their last meeting discussing where their website should be housed, and decided that it will be attached to the FA site.  At their next meeting they will discuss Middle States Review. 


·         Catalogue Coordinator

The catalog coordinator wants to thank the sixteen departments who participated in the new process allowing secretaries to make changes directly to the draft of the on-line undergraduate catalog.  She continues to work on the undergraduate draft.  There will be a call coming soon for changes to the graduate catalog.  We have more time than usual for changes to the graduate catalog as there will be no printed graduate catalog in the usual sense.  There will be an online graduate catalog and then a downloadable, searchable pdf that can be printed as necessary. 


·         UUP

You still have until Friday to get your IDAP requests in.  There has been no tentative agreement on the contract yet. 


V.                Elections

Laura Brown (PSY) was nominated and elected to the Social and Behavior Sciences seat on the Priorities and Planning Council.

Linda Rae Markert was nominated and elected to the Faculty seat on the Student Association Senate. 


VI.             Unfinished Business

Proposed Revisions to the Expressive Arts Therapy Minor

CPA 310 was added to remove the hidden pre-requisite. The elective section has been presented more clearly and MUS 240 was added to the core on recommendation from someone in the field of arts therapy.  A question was raised about the increase in the number of credits, but because this is a minor (which is optional) the number of credits is not an issue. The art department will be housing this minor.  This minor was approved 37 to 1. 


VII.          New Business

Text Book issue

The issue was raised about students who come to their professor three weeks into the course, saying that they cannot afford the text book.  Some faculty put their books in the library for 3 or 4 hour reserves.  Talking to the reps about cost can sometimes be effective where they can give you a special edition only containing some chapters.  Some students buy electronic versions of the text books, and McGraw Hill offers a special electronic program which SUNY Oswego is currently subscribed to through Angel.  The best way to combat this issue is to get the information to our students about their options regarding text book purchases. 



 The meeting was adjourned at 3:53 PM.