April 16 Minutes


Faculty Assembly Minutes                                                                               April 16, 2012

Chair: Joan Carroll                                                            Recorder: Stephanie Bischoping

Members Absent: A. Johnson


The meeting was called to order at 3:09 PM.


I.                   Approval of Agenda

The agenda was amended to exclude the Admissions and Student Services Council - Update to "no unnecessary travel" resolution and then approved.


II.                Approval of April 2, 2012 Minutes

The minutes were approved as distributed.


III.             FA Interim Chair's Report - J. Carroll

Professor Carroll began her report by re-introducing Alex Elkins as the faculty assembly clerk-in-training.  She reminded everyone to email all reports and handouts to faculty.assembly@oswego.edu.  She briefly reminded everyone to say their name and constituency before commenting during meetings and to bring their reusable cup.  



IV.             Reports of Councils, Committees, and Task Forces

·         Personnel Policies Council

Personal Policies Council reported that they support the electronic DSI proposal that will be presented by the Information Technology Council at today's meeting.

Only one person was nominated to run for Faculty Assembly Chair, so Joan Carroll has been elected by acclamation. We need to also (re) elect our Faculty Senator who represents us at the SUNY Faculty Senate. Gwen Kay is completing her first 3-year term and has agreed to stand for reelection. A call for additional nominations will be sent out shortly.

The council would like the Assembly to consider the proposed Task Force on Shared Governance, Committee Structure and Collaboration without the timeline later in today's meeting because the revised timeline has not yet been approved by the provost. 


·         Academic Policies Council          No report


·         Priorities and Planning Council

Met on Friday, March 13 and approved the proposed MBA in Health Services Administration. They also considered resource implications of the various General Education models and came to the conclusion that models 1, 2, 4, and 5 would be resource neutral relative to Getn Ed 2000. 


·         General Education Council

Met on April 10 and discussed the additional GE 21 models that were posted that morning and passed their perspectives on to the task force. 


·         Information Technology Council

The council met on Friday, April 13 for a presentation on I-Clickers and continued their work on the Tech Plan.



Electronic DSI Pilot - Chair Mark Springston presented information on the pilot. He reviewed the data from the survey: Overall 80% responded that to some extent they would like to see the electronic process continue, while 20% to some degree did not want to see it continue. The survey provided valuable feedback to improve the support documentation and process for electronic submissions if we elect to continue the project. FAEB and the Information Technology council jointly propose that we make a move to expand the project and allow all departments to opt-in for the next (possible) cycle of DSI.

The group continues to move forward with their work on the Tech Plan. At this meeting they approved the Benchmarks and discussed the Needs Assessment Report. The Tech Plan Subcommittee is now working on 3 Year Goals and Objectives and the First Year Implementation plan.

The group will meet next on Wednesday, April 11, 4 - 5 pm in the Lake Effect Conference Room.


·         Graduate Council

The graduate council met on Friday, April 13. The council approved a proposal for the following new course in the department of Technology: TEL 457/557 - CAD Engineering & Analysis.  And, pending a few minor revisions, the council approved changes in program requirements for: the Masters of Arts in Technology (MAT) in Mathematics and Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Chemistry. The council will meet again on Friday, April 20 at 8:00 am. 


·         Library Council              No report


·         Admissions and Student Services Council        No report


·         Undergraduate Curriculum Council

UCC met on Wednesday, 4/11/12 and approved the following courses:

ART 245 - Introduction to Sculpture
ART 260 - Wood Design

ANT 375 - North American Indians

CHI 302 - Advanced Chinese: Culture, Communication, Commerce (China)

HDV 322 - Child Development
HDV 323 - Adolescent Development
HDV 324 - Adult Development

TEL 101 - Engineering Graphics and Technical Illustration
TEL 204 - Materials Molding and Forming
TEL 210 - Design & Problem Solving
TEL 457/557 - CAD:  Engineering and Analysis


The council's final meeting of the semester will be on Wednesday, 4/25/12. We will make every effort to review all proposals submitted up through Monday, 4/16/12.


·         Academic Outreach                    No report


·         Campus Concept Committee                 No report



·         Writing Across the Curriculum and Steering Committee

WAC Steering committee has not met since last meeting but will meet tomorrow to discuss a WAC fellows program. 


·         General Education Task Force

Met on April 11 to discuss the models that were proposed since the 9th and will report later in the meeting.


·         Assessment Advisory

The website URL has been shortened to  www.Oswego.edu/assessment


·         Catalog Coordinator       No report


·         UUP

Anyone who received an IDAP award is asked to pick up the check as soon as possible.


·         PCCEST              No report



V.                Elections for Vacancies on FA Councils and Committees

John MacDonald, AFL, was nominated and elected to fill the School of Business seat on the PCCEST.



VI.             Unfinished Business

Elections of faculty members to the Task Force on Shared Governance, Committee Structure and Collaboration

Gwen Kay was nominated and elected to the CLAS Seat in an election of 22-21

Linda Rae Markert was nominated and elected to the School of Education Seat

John MacDonald was nominated and elected to the School of Business seat

Kathryn Johns-Masten was nominated and elected to the Library seat

The CM&A seat was not filled.


Proposed revision to Curriculum & Instruction department's Adolescence Education 7-12-Social Studies Concentration

The purpose of these revisions is to offer more choices to students.  The number of credits remains the same, the main changes were in the courses which will be cognates instead of electives.  This was approved 46-0. 


Proposed revision to Curriculum & Instruction department's Childhood Education 1-6-Social Studies Concentration

The purpose of these revisions is to offer more choices to students.  The number of credits remains the same, the main changes were in the courses which will be cognates instead of electives.  There was a friendly amendment to exclude the "Cognates: 0" statement.  This was approved 45-0. 


Proposed revisions to the Public Relations Major- BA degree

There is no change to the core requirement number of credits but some of the courses have been changed.  Approved 46-0


General Education Proposals

General Education Task Force Co-Chair Fehmi Damkaci stated that there are important reasons for keeping the general Education Models 30-33 credit hours.  It helps keep general Education class sizes smaller, alleviates the stresses for students transferring in and out of Oswego, and allows students to pick up a double major or a minor.  Seminars include critical thinking components and are within the discipline to help show how people in different disciplines should think. 

Task Force Models    Model 1: More structure without a seminar

                                    Model 2: More choices without Seminar.  Includes world awareness

                                    Model 3: 2 Seminars

                                    Model 4: Model 1 with a seminar

                                    Model 5: Model 2 with a seminar


Model 6: Biological Sciences Model

This model still holds the traditional Intellectual Issues course, and it is the only model to do so.  The proposers of this model believe the Intellectual Issues courses, specifically natural sciences, are important to people of all disciplines.  This model was withdrawn. 


Model 7: Bennet Schaber

This model was developed because the Bennet believes that we need to slow down and take more time to make a decision on the General Education Models.  This model is composed of five 4 credit courses.  This allows freshmen to take fewer classes providing a more efficient use of a student's intellectual and financial resources. It also includes a 1 credit seminar and 3 courses in a division outside the major. 


Model 8: Model 1 with 3 extra science credits

This was developed by the faculty from the sciences and math departments. 


Model 9: Political Science

This model was developed because the developers believe that all of the models create artificial distinctions between disciplines. This model contains a freshman seminar, a lab science, aspects that focus on globalization, a class on textuality, and historical studies.  It also maintains that there should be a more serious foreign language requirement. 


A motion was made and seconded to bypass debate and begin the vote. The motion failed 22 - 23.  Another motion was made and seconded to reconsider the preceding vote. This passed 33 - 15.  A motion (seconded) to extend the meeting to 5:15 failed by a vote of 4 - 43. The final motion (seconded) was to debate the nine proposals. This motion passed 31 - 17.

The debate will take place at the special meeting of Faculty Assembly on April 23 from 3 - 4 pm.


VII.          New Business

Time did not allow for new business.



 The meeting was adjourned at 5:01 PM.