Faculty Assembly Minutes   April 30, 2012

Interim Chair: Joan Carroll Recorder: Alex Elkins


Members Absent: M. Nojan, Y. Petrella, L. Glidden, 


The meeting was called to order at 3:08 PM.


  1. Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved as distributed.


  1. Approval of April 16, 2012 Minutes

The minutes were approved as distributed. The minutes from the April 23 Special meeting were not available.


  1. FA Interim Chair's Report - Joan Carroll

Prof. Carroll reported that this is Stephanie Bischoping's last meeting as FA student clerk. She will be student teaching in the fall and graduating in December. The FA sincerely thanks her for her amazing work throughout this year.

Prof. Carroll requested that all reports and PDF versions of all handouts be mailed to the FA email address, faculty.assembly@oswego.edu

Changes in department representatives or their alternates should also be sent to Prof. Carroll as soon as that information is available.


  1. Reports of Councils, Committees, and Task Forces
  • Personnel Policies Council

Met on Friday, April 20 and is currently working on guidelines for interdisciplinary and shared appointments which will be continued in the fall. At this meeting they also approved the proposed DSI Schedule which will be necessary only if a new contract includes DSI and is approved.


  • Academic Policies Council

This council did not meet April 20 but they did approve (by email) the proposed changes to the college catalog to reflect approved restrictions on entry to the Biology and Zoology majors as follows:

Footnote to appear under Biology Major - BA Degree and BS Degree

"Candidates who seek to transfer within the college to a Biology major must meet with the advisement coordinator. Such a candidate must have completed CHE 111, MAT 120 or MAT 210 and ENG 102, each with a C- or better, and a have an overall Oswego GPA of 2.5 or better." 

Footnote to appear under Zoology Major - BA Degree and BS Degree

"Candidates who seek to transfer within the college to a Zoology major must meet with the advisement coordinator. Such a candidate must have completed CHE 111, MAT 120 or MAT 210 and ENG 102, each with a C- or better, and a have an overall Oswego GPA of 2.5 or better." 


  • Priorities and Planning Council

Met on Friday, April 20 and approved proposed revisions to the MAT Chemistry Education Grades 7-12 program and the MAT Mathematics Education Grades 7-12 program. A new minor in Logic was also approved, anticipating that 1-5 students will declare it. Finally, a proposed BS in Accounting major was approved, pending confirmation (email) from ISC that there are no significant resource implications. This 4-year program will replace both the Management Accounting major and the Public Accounting major.


  • General Education Council

Met on April 24 and approved CMA 300 Experiencing Arts and Ideas for inclusion in the Fine and Performing Arts category. The council also granted one-time provisional approval to ENG 195 Native North America: Land and Culture for inclusion in both the Humanities category and the Tolerance and Intolerance in the United States category.  

In consideration of the approved GE21 model, the Council developed three procedures and practices to move courses from GE 2000 to GE21 in the following areas:

1. Courses presently approved in GE 2000

2. Computer and information literacy infusion

3. Courses for the World Awareness category

Procedure 1

Courses presently approved in each General Education 2000 category shall be considered approved in the corresponding GE21 category unless a) the offering department chooses to withdraw the course from the GE21 category or b) the course outline has been revised by the department. 

In cases where a) above applies, please submit a memo to the General Education Director asking that the course or courses in question be removed from the GE21 category; the Council notes that this procedure is in keeping with current practice when departments and/or programs wish to remove an approved course from a general education category.  In cases where b) above applies, please submit a copy of the revised course outline to the General Education Council so that the course can be considered for inclusion in the new general education program; the revision should make clear the changes between the previously approved course outline and the revised course outline.

Procedure 2 

Department and programs with approved computer and information literacy infusion and assessment plans need not resubmit those plans if there are no changes.  As is the case with Procedure 1 (above) the infusion will carry forward from GE2000 to GE21.

Procedure 3 

Courses presently approved as Non-Western Civilizations offerings in General Education 2000 can be submitted for inclusion in the new category of World Awareness.  The revised course outline needs to make clear how the course fulfills both the learning outcome(s) for non-western civilizations and the learning outcome(s) for either Fine and Performing Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, or Social and Behavioral Sciences.  


  • Information Technology Council

Will meet on Wednesday, May 2nd  at 4pm.




  • Graduate Council

The Graduate Council met on Friday, April 20th. Pending several minor revisions, they approved the School of Business' Letter of Intent for an MBA in Health Services Administration. Also, with minor revisions, they approved the Department of Vocational Teacher Preparation's proposal for an Accelerated Master of Science in Education - Vocational Technical Education. There were no changes made to the program, but courses will be now offered in a set sequence to graduate students who are admitted as a cohort.


  • Librarary Council

Recently spoke with architects pertaining to a connection to link Lanigan and the Penfield Library and talked about what should be done in Fall 2012 to continue to build progress.


  • Admissions and Student Services Council No Report


  • Undergraduate Curriculum Council

Will meet on May 2nd to review (and hopefully approve) all proposals received up through April 16th. Departments will be notified by email.


  • Academic Outreach Council No report


  • Campus Concept Committee

The committee met on Wednesday, April 25th to discuss the planning and design schedule for the first phase of the Tyler Hall project. Tom Simmonds presented the slides that Pfeiffer Partners had delivered to the School of Communication, Media, and the Arts. Fritz Messere and Todd Graber spoke on how the results were received by SCMA. Pfeiffer also meet with sub-groups (Theatre & Music and Art & Communications) to expand on ideas that were presented. Now that the program requirements are understood, Pfeiffer will create three concept designs for presentation to the campus. Key components of Phase I will be mechanical infrastructure, lobby and Waterman Theatre improvements, creation of a rehearsal space for music, and improvements for the Art Gallery.

Additional projects moving forward are:

  1.  Designs for a student activities space expansion at the Campus Center
  2.  Improvements to Romney Fieldhouse
  3.  Development of plans to integrate Penfield Library with Lanigan Hall
  4.  Understanding how to perform improvements in the residence halls: Scales, Waterbury, and Funnelle.

The Committee will be meeting a couple of times during the summer to continue addressing the SCMA project and to hear a report from students and CEAC regarding improvements to the Hewitt Quad (Sun Quad).

During the next academic year the committee will be meeting on non-FA Mondays at 3 PM.


  • Writing Across the Curriculum Steering Committee

Met April 17 and discussed the writing center and tutoring with Cathy Santos. Also discussed having Writing Fellows to assist faculty in preparing effective writing assignments. 


  • General Education Task Force No Report. 


  • Assessment Advisory Committee

Will meet for a retreat on Tuesday, May 8th to plan next couple meetings.


  • UUP

Asked that representatives let adjuncts and contingent faculty know that there are four separate meetings with Lori Nash to discuss policies regarding these positions. 


  • PCCEST No Report



  1. Faculty Senate Report -- See Faculty Senate Report in minutes of General Faculty meeting.


  1. Election for Vacancies on FA Councils and Committees 

Task Force on Governance, Committee Structure and Collaboration - Need one faculty member from School of Communication, Media and the Arts.  No nomination. 


  1. Unfinished Business


Electronic DSI Project Proposal

Dr. Mark Springston, speaking on behalf of the Information Technology Council, suggested that using the Electronic DSI will likely be mandatory in all departments; it is just a matter of when. A concern was raised about what would happen if Google starts to charge for services. Response indicated that Google Docs is simply the method of communication for everyone currently. The issue under consideration is that of electronic rather than paper submission of information.

A motion to call the question passed, 24-6; the proposal was subsequently approved, 30-2.


GE 21 Policies Motions 

  1. Transfer Students:  Discussion resulted in friendly amendments to change some of the wording to make it clear that transfer students must have met SUNY GER, July 2010 (or equivalent) requirements if they have not completed a two-year degree. Motion carried 30-3
  2. Computer and Information Literacy: Departments can choose to either infuse this requirement into their major(s) or require specific approved courses. The General Education Council is responsible for reviewing infusion plans and/or required courses. Motion carried 32-2 
  3. World Awareness: SUNY GER requires exploration of aspects of other world civilizations (what we have called Non-Western civilization). Motion carried 32-0 
  4. No Double Dipping: Friendly amendment added clarifying language.    Motion carried 30-1
  5. General Exemptions: Students will not be exempt for a specific category based upon their major or minor. Motion carried 29-1
  6. Laboratory Experience in Natural Science Courses: After extensive discussion, the question was called and the motion voted on. Motion failed 9-17


 The meeting was adjourned at 4:55 PM.