Faculty Assembly Minutes                                                                                 April 2, 2012

Chair: Joan Carroll                                                            Recorder: Stephanie Bischoping

Members Absent: M. Nojan, A. Johnson, E. Olson, E. Schmitz, L. Glidden, B. Sibuma, A. Amyotte, E. Basualdo

The meeting was called to order at 3:11 PM.

I.                   Approval of Agenda

The agenda was amended to exclude the Admissions and Student Services Council - Update to "no unnecessary travel" resolution and then approved.


II.                Approval of February 27 and March 19, 2011 Minutes

The minutes were approved as distributed.


III.             FA Chair's Report - J. Carroll

Professor Carroll began her report by reminding the Assembly that the Middle States group is now on campus through Wednesday. She then introduced Alex Elkins, a first-year Technology Education major as the possible replacement Clerk for the Assembly. Next she announced that the President's Council approved changes to the college catalogs. It was decided that removing course descriptions in the print catalog will save over one million printed pages per year. Course descriptions will now be available in Banner and available publicly on MyOswego. Also, readers will be referred online for much of the service department information.

Howard Gordon and Professor Carroll have begun a conversation on setting up a task force to look at adjunct pay and other issues related to your adjunct faculty.

Once again Professor Carroll has requested that any handouts be emailed to the Faculty Assembly clerk for posting on the website.  They can be emailed to the assembly email: faculty.assembly@oswego.edu

Also, to help each of us learn and remember the names of our colleagues in FA, please remember to say your name and department/constituency prior to speaking.  Finally please bring a reusable cup to FA for your refreshing beverages.



IV.             Reports of Councils, Committees, and Task Forces

·         Personnel Policies

The council would like the Assembly to vote on the taskforce without the timeline later in today's meeting because the revised timeline has not yet been approved by the provost. 


·         Academic Policies Council

Changes to the Public Relations Major-BA were approved, after some changes in wording

Changes to the Adolescence Education 7-12 - Social Studies concentration were approved, after some changes in wording


·         Priorities and Planning

Met on March 23 and approved the curriculum and instruction's social studies concentrate in both the childhood and adolescent programs.  The next meeting is scheduled on Friday April 13. 


·         General Education

General Education Council met on March 27.  The Council endorsed GE21 Model 1 with the First Year Seminar.


The Council also approved the Risk Management and Insurance Writing Plan.

The Council then considered an alternative GE21 Model proposed by B. Schaber. The Council approved the motion that the Task Force consider this model as an option, for a specific population of students, within whichever model is chosen by the university.


·         Information Technology Council

Information Technology Council met and had a really nice presentation of TK-20 and how it is used in the School of Ed.

The group continues to move forward with their work on the Tech Plan.  At this meeting they approved the Benchmarks and discussed the Needs Assessment Report.  The Tech Plan Subcommittee is now working on 3 Year Goals and Objectives and the First Year Implementation plan. 

The group will meet next - Wednesday, April 11 - 4:00-5:00pm in the Lake Effect Conference Room


·         Graduate Council           Did not meet as planned; will meet on Friday April 13


·         Library Council

Renovations are proceeding for the library. This summer, experimental classrooms will be completed, as well as a closure (to main parts of library) to enable both the 24 hour computer room and Lake Effects to remain open after the library itself has closed. A connection with Lanigan is under discussion.  Big renovation plan conversations will not take place until the new director is announced, as that person will be critical to all decisions made.

The library has just hired a First Year librarian. She will begin April 23, and has experience working with First Choice-like programs at previous institution. This person will serve as a liaison between all First Choice classes and the library, particularly in the arena of library instruction.

For General Education, the library staff prefers model III.  In this model, information literacy can easily be worked into the seminar models.  The library is also interested in providing space for such a class.

In response to faculty asking ... in the News Resources link, the top box provides a link to today's news.

The next meeting will be April 26, at which time the Council will discuss the agenda and goals for next year.


·         Admissions and Student Services Council        No report



·         Undergraduate Curriculum Council

The website was to be unveiled at today's meeting but because of browser issues it could not be seen. However, it is up and running. The council will be working on the archives.  They will be meeting on 11 and in the last week of April. The council asks that all faculty try to get any course proposals in by April 16 so they can be reviewed. 



·         Academic Outreach

At their meeting on March 30, 2012 the council was updated on the following items:

·         Office Business & Community Relations - business incubator program

·         Graduate Programs - promotional materials being worked on. Enrollments down slightly in the area of education which is reflected in both state and national trends.

·         Extending Learning:

1.      Transition to Blackboard for distance learning.

2.      Metro Center enrollments doing well.

3.      Phoenix Center - upgrades to this 17 yr old facility continue.

4.      Summer 2012 - registrations opened on Feb 29

5.      Winter 2012 - registrations were up 6.7% or the all online courses.

Next meeting will be scheduled as needed.


·         Campus Concept Committee

Has not yet met, will meet on April 25 to meet with the design consultants for the Tyler Hall project. 


·         Writing Across the Curriculum and Steering Committee

The committee met on March 23 to discuss whether to continue using Rules for Writers or to switch to some other writing handbook.  It was decided to continue using Rules for Writers' new edition. 


·         General Education Task Force

Met twice since the last FA meeting and discussed the proposed scheduling procedures which are before the assembly now.  If any individual would like to bring a model to the floor they are welcome to do so. 


·         Assessment Advisory

Unveiled the new website and showed the easiest way to navigate the site. The most important document on this site is the document that Barbra Wolvard used in her presentations. There is also a rubric to assess your assessment plan. You can navigate to the site by going through the faculty assembly website under taskforces and committees. 


·         Catalog Coordinator       No report


·         UUP          No report


·         President's Climate Commitment and Environmental Sustainability Team (PCCEST)

The committee met on March 23 and discussed the final revisions to the Climate Action Plan (CAP) for the campus.

The committee approved the questions for a Web form for sustainability-related projects. This will be implemented in consultation with Jim Early's database course and include the beginnings of the sustainability archives. Barbara Schaffer is coordinating this project. The primary goal of the Web form will be for the committee to help facilitate and archive projects on campus related to sustainability, NOT approve or fund them.

The committee also supports Campus Life's involvement with the Leave Green 2012 on 4-16 May 2012.



·         Tutoring Services Update

OLS and EOP have been separated and become two separate services. The writing center was moved to the Third floor of the Library and over 60 hours of tutoring is offered weekly. OLS is looking to provide writing tutoring for summer school as well. They have implemented a new system called Tutor Track in order to keep track of tutor hours and services. Tutor pay has been raised from minimum wage to $10.00 an hour and there are now additional steps in the process of becoming a tutor. The tutor hiring process has been changed to make earlier hiring decisions so that tutoring can start nearly two weeks earlier each semester. If a student asks for a faculty recommendation to become a tutor, it can be completed online.  There is a big push for faculty to assist in the training of tutors. 

If you have any recommendations for tutoring services please email catherine.santos@oswego.edu with your ideas.

On Quest day the writing tutors are going to have a panel discussion about the expectations for tutees when they come into the writing center. 


V.                Elections for Vacancies on FA Councils and Committees

There were no nominations at today's meeting


VI.             Unfinished Business

Proposal for Task Force on Shared Governance, Committee Structure and Collaboration

There was a friendly amendment to amend the timeline for the model to the one that was approved by the provost at today's meeting.  The new timeline was approved 38 - 0. There was a friendly amendment to add that there be 2 student representatives, selected by Student Association.  The motion carried 34 - 1. There was a request that we make sure that there is adequate representation of Student Affairs on the taskforce. The taskforce was approved 38 - 0. 


Revisions to Broadcasting and Mass Communication major

There was a revision of the handout to remove the footnote which requires a 2.5 GPA for incoming freshmen because incoming freshmen do not have GPA's.  The revisions were approved 38 - 0. 


General Education Task Force proposals -Schedule and procedures for future meetings

There was a motion to waive the two week rule to allow for voting on the proposed schedule and procedures for considering the proposals from the General Education Task Force. This schedule would attempt to provide sufficient time for Faculty Assembly to decide on a model by the end of the semester.  A friendly amendment was made to revise the timeline to read April 16 & 23 for Steps 1-3.

A motion was made and seconded to revise the timeline so that voting could not occur until April 23 and April 23 would be a mandatory meeting. This motion failed 3 - 33.

The proposed schedule and procedures was approved 31 - 3.    


VII.          New Business

 Time did not allow for new business



 The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 PM.