General Faculty Meeting Minutes April 23, 2012

Interim Chair: Joan Carroll Recorder: Stephanie Bischoping


The meeting was called to order at 4:13.M.


  1. Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved unanimously.


  1. Approval of Minutes of General Faculty Meeting of Monday February 13, 2012

The minutes were approved unanimously. 


  1. President's Report - D. Stanley

The president began her report by describing the number of activities that have taken place this semester in response to requests from SUNY. 

She continued by sharing the results of the Middle States team visit.  The results were better than could have been expected.  As a campus we met all 14 standards.  There were no recommendations for changes and more than a dozen commendations. 

The president continued by explaining the 2012-2013 enacted budget.  This is the second year of the tuition increase, which goes a long way toward decreasing our deficit caused by decreased state funds.  The maintenance of effort provision helps immensely with the decreased funds.  The TAP assistance is helping those students who are most in need.  Next year the capital plans on the campus come up and it is unknown where these funds will come from.  We did receive a restoration on child care funding.  

The scheduled tuition increase is $300 for undergraduates, $500 for masters-level (other than MBA) students and $920 for MBA students.  The increase is higher for non-residents.  The tuition increase will generate approximately $2.25 million for SUNY Oswego.  TAP implication is estimated at $500,000.  At some point some of the tuition increase will be put into a fund to assist students in need. 

Capital funding for next year, the fifth year of the funding, is $22M for Oswego.  There is no extension of the plan beyond 2012-2013.  There has been talk of beginning a new SUNY Master plan.

This year we have not extended debt in residence halls on campus.  There are no plans for a major bond effort at this point.

SUNY Hospitals requested $55 million and were restored $27.8 million. Campuses requested $16.5 million and were restored none of that.  The total appropriation request was $600 million for 3 academic hospitals and $355 million for residence halls.  The amount restored was 0. 

What are we doing with shared services?  We are working with Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse.  We will not become one campus but will work together to provide services.  Oswego will participate in a multi-campus procurement for elevator maintenance.  We are also developing multi-campus procurement for several common commodities.  Slowly these savings are adding up.  At next year's General Faculty meeting, numbers will be provided. 

The goal for strategic savings is $100M over 3 years throughout SUNY.  These funds will be saved through strategic sourcing, IT Transformation, transaction processing, and Campus alliances.  Oswego's share of the goal is $1.35 Million.

Performance-based funding is about incentivizing different kinds of activities.  This was going to come from new money, but Oswego did not get new money.  Reallocating tuition money between campuses to subsidize new money may happen.  Many campus presidents are against this, but it may happen to subsidize funding decreases. 

Resource Allocation Methodology (RAM) and Peer Model are connected now but may not be in the future. 

The president commented on the construction on campus.  She reported that everything is on schedule.  The School of Education renovations, the science center and Sheldon exterior work are all on track.  The Rice Creek and Romney field house renovations are continuing as well.  The classrooms and labs are being settled now.  The School of Communication, Media and the Arts renovation is just beginning.  Student activity space is still in the early stages.

The winter session was very successful.  This year's summer session has 35% online classes, but special sessions such as English as a second language will still be face to face.  We are anticipating that 51 students will participate in Global Laboratory 2012.  Summer Scholars is going to continue this summer and Science immersion as well. 

Freshman applications are at approximately the same level as last year but in different areas.  There are many new factors, and everything at this point is based on predictions.

Fall Alerts: We anticipate ten co-op placements beginning in fall 2012.  A new joint task-force on adjuncts is in the works, which will be brought to Faculty Assembly in the fall.  We are developing a new strategic plan for the next few years.  Although the Middle States report recommended that we create a rolling plan, the president believes that a new plan every few years is more effective.  Joe Coughlin will be our commencement speaker and will be receiving an honorary degree.  


  1. FA Senate - G. Kay

The full report will be presented at the Faculty Assembly Meeting on April 30, 2012 by Gwen Kay.  An abbreviated report was given at today's meeting.  The report is attached to these minutes.  


  1. UUP Report - S. Abraham 

If you would like to see what UUP has done over the past year see the UUP newsletter.  

UUP President Steve Abraham stated that it may be a good thing that a new contract has not been decided upon because the proposed contract provided for no wage increases for 3 years, furloughs and increased health insurance costs.  Because of the Triborough Amendment any contract provisions with no sunset clause will continue if effect until a new contract is written. This means that dental and vision care will continue.  The UUP scholarship and IDAP have expired because these sections were tied to the (expired) contract.  The negotiating committee may possibly meet sometime in May.  


  1. Chair Report - J. Carroll

The chair reported that Faculty Assembly approved a new General Education Model at today's meeting.  


  1. Unfinished Business There was no unfinished business  


  1. New Business


  1. Election of Faculty Assembly Chair

Joan Carroll was elected by acclamation to a 1-year term.


  1. Election of SUNY Faculty Senator

Gwen Kay was elected by acclamation to another 3-year term.  Laura Hesss Brown was also elected as Alternate Senator for a 3-year term. Winfield Ihlow was elected as Second Alternate for a 3-year term.


  1. Approval of Candidates for degrees: 
    1. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - Richard Back

710 candidates for undergraduate degrees - 98 BS and 612 BA

    1. School of Business - Richard Skolnik

388 candidates for undergraduate BS degrees

36 candidates for Accounting BS/MBA degrees

    1. School of Communication, Media, and the Arts - Fritz Messere

334 candidates for undergraduate degrees - 292 BA and 42 BFA

    1. School of Education - Pam. Michel

384 candidates for undergraduate BS degrees

    1. Division of Extended Learning - Yvonne Petrella

17 candidates for BA and BS degrees

    1. Division of Graduate Studies - Yvonne Petrella  for David King

14 candidates for the MA degree, 

26 candidates for the MAT degree

61 candidates for the MBA degree

28 candidates for the MS degree

178 candidates for the MS in Education degree

1 candidate for the MS degree and CAS diploma, 

39 candidates for the CAS diploma 

16 candidates for the MST degree..

Motions to approve each group of candidates were passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:18 P.M.