September 19 Minutes

Faculty Assembly Minutes                                        September 19, 2011
Chair: Susan Camp                             Recorder: Stephanie Bischoping

Members Absent: M Nojan, C. McEvoy, J. Cruickshank, A. Johnson, T. Romallho, L. R. Markert, R. O'Connor, G. Parsons


                        The meeting was called to order at 3:07 PM.


I.                   Approval of Agenda

The agenda was amended to delete the approval of September 12, 2011 minutes and approved.


II.                FA Chair’s Report – S. Camp

The chair began her report by reminding members that all reports, should be given in writing or sent to Steph at and that everyone should remember to speak loudly at meetings. 


She continued by saying that last spring University Faculty Senate  passed a resolution that urges each campus to create a robust grade appeal process for students and a robust policy on grade change authority.  The chair has talked with FAEB, Associate Provost Rameen and Provost Lorrie about this and will ask one person to draft the two policies for FAEB and Council consideration and ultimately FA and presidential consideration.


The executive committee of the UFS also passed a resolution midsummer regarding shared services and lack of faculty consultation.  This will be voted on by the entire Senate at SUNY Purchase next month. 


Dr. Camp has asked Personnel Policies Council to consider a by-laws amendment to give voting rights to professional staff that teach and is looking for input from the assembly.    


The chair ended her report by reminding the assembly to please bring a reusable cup to meetings for your refreshing beverages.


III.             Elections

Elected to a FA seat on Graduate Council

Shannon Pritting, Juan Perdiguero ( both 1-year terms)


Elected to FA seat on Library Council

Gwen Kay


Elected to a Non FA seat on Library Council

Kitty Macey


Elected to Non FA seat on Admissions and Student Services Council 

Uyilawa Usuanlele, Victor Protsak, Juan Lamanna


Elected to Penfield Library seat on Undergraduate Curriculum Council

Deborah Curry


Elected to the School of Business seat on Undergraduate Curriculum Council

Hema Rao


                                 Elected to CMA seat on Undergraduate Curriculum Council

Taejin Jung


Elected to School of Education seat on Undergraduate Curriculum Council

Minjung Seo, Thomas Kubicki


Elected to the FA seat on Academic Outreach Council

Laura Brown


Elected to the Non FA seat Academic Outreach Council

Kristen Eichhorn, Dave Valentino


Elected to FA seat on Academic Policies Council

Dave Andrews


Elected to the Humanities seat on Priorities and Planning Council

                 Jean Chambers


            Elected to the 1-year seat on Information Technology Council

            Larry Fuller


            Elected to the School of Business seat on Campus Concept Committee

            John Huonker


            Elected to the School of Cinema and Media Arts seat on Campus Concept Committee

            Tim Baumgartner


            Elected to the voting or professional staff seat on Campus Concept Committee

            Barbara Shaffer, Todd Graber, Allen Bradberry


Elected to a 3 year seat on Auxiliary Services Board

Paul Tomascak


Elected to a School of Business seat of Writing Across the Curriculum Committee

Mary McGowan


Elected to School of Education seat of Writing Across the Curriculum Committee

Sharon Kane




IV.             New Business

·         Proposed Meteorology Major Changes was discussed by the assembly.  This past summer the American Meteorological Society made changes requiring all meteorology students to study topics in areas including mathematics, physics, and chemistry, scientific computing, and oral, written, and multimedia communication.  The meteorology department has made this proposal in an attempt to cover all of these topics in core classes. The issue of how these improvements may come at the expense of chemistry courses was discussed.  After a minor change in the documentation the proposal was voted upon and subsequently passed.   38 for, 1 opposed. 


·         Proposed Sustainability Minor was discussed by the assembly.  When designing this minor it was found that there were enough general education courses and courses in other majors which encompass the required topics so only the introductory courses would be added and an independent study would be required.  The issue of hidden prerequisites was addressed as well as the issue of removing seats from the upper division intellectual issues science classes which are already at full capacity.  It was decided that this proposal will be revisited at and brought back to the Assembly. 


V.                Reports of Councils, Committees, and Task Forces

·         Personnel Policies 

The art department FTE is just below 16.  Departments with 16+ FTE are eligible to have two FA reps  It was moved to allow Art to seat two FA reps this academic year while Personnel Policies discusses an amendment to the bylaws. 


·         Academic Policies Council is scheduled to meet this Friday


·         Priorities and Planning

Al Stamm was elected as the chair, Cynthia Clabough serving as FA reporter, and Amanda Fenlon serving as recorder.  A discussion took place about what our agenda should be for this year.
We established our meeting times for fall.


·         Gen Ed

The council met at 8:00 on Wednesday morning.  Jim Nicholas was reelected as leader of this body. The council agreed with the college writing staff to reduce the size of the writing sample for assessment for freshmen for a more reasonable assessment.  The council gave one time provisional approval to BIO 301/GEO 402 for an Exploration in Natural Sciences credit.  ANT 331 Digging up the past was sent to UCC with modest revisions to highlight things which were already present and it was brought back to GE and approved.  THT 319 was not approved for the Fine and Performing Arts category and the LIT writing plan was sent back to Modern Languages and Literature. 


·         Information Technology Council

Mark Springston was waiting for the election for seats to be filled before calling a meeting. 


·         Graduate Council  

                            Met Friday, May 6 approving many changes to the graduate course catalogue for  CPS 588-Academic and Educational Assessment, CPS 589-Social, Personal, and Ecological Assessment, CPS 686- Consultation for Counslors & School Psychologists and CPS 688 -Academic & Educational Interventions provided that the same changes were made to the course outlines.  

·         Undergraduate Curriculum Council

The UCC has

 ·      Undergraduate Curriculum Council

The UCC has met twice so far this semester on 8/31/11 and 9/14/11 and approved the following course proposals:
ACC 345 - Financial Statement Analysis (Update)
BRC 460 - Global Documentary Production (New)

ENG 376 - Science Fiction (New)
GLS 317 - Environmental Issues in a Global Society (New)
MAT 108 - Number Systems and Operations B (New)
THT 313 - Theatre Projections and Special Effects (Update)
THT 361 - Technical Direction (Update)
THT 366 - Computer Applications for Theatre (Update)
There have been discussions about changing the website.  If members of the assembly have courses you would like to submit for spring registration get it submitted in a TIMELY manner (by October 10)

Jim Early was re-elected Chair.


·         UUP

The State met with UUP on September 8 and September 9 and they are continuing the proposals and trying to reach a compromise regarding the contract.


·         Campus Concept Committee

Met 3 times over the summer to discuss prioritizing and phasing of the Master plan, 2013-2023.  CCC will meet May 3 to meet with the CMA/ Tyler Program Study Architects.  A new co-chair Casey Rameen was elected, but no one has yet been elected to report to FA. 


·         Assessment Advisory Committee will meet this Friday at 3:00 pm.


·         General Education Redesign Task Force

Has met 4 times since the beginning of the semester.  They have discussed the three draft models and are anticipating having something for the Faculty Assembly by the end of October


·         Catalogue Coordinator

Change in process this year for updating the Catalogue so the department secretaries will be able to make their own changes.  At some point there may be a change from a print catalogue but this decision has not yet been made. 



 The meeting was adjourned at 5:02 PM.