September 12 Minutes

Faculty Assembly Minutes                                        September 12, 2011
Chair: Susan Camp                            Recorder: Stephanie Bischoping

Members Absent: M. Nojan, C. McEvoy, A. Diddi, M. Ryniker,

 The meeting was called to order at 3:10 PM.


I.                   Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved as distributed.

II.                Approval of May 2, 2011 Minutes

The minutes were approved as distributed.

III.             FA Chair’s Report – S. Camp

The chair began her report by welcoming everyone in attendance and introducing the new FA clerk, Stephanie Bischoping.  She reminded everyone to speak loudly in order to be heard in the new venue. 


During the final meeting last May, FA approved a process for governance consultation prior to program deactivation or discontinuance.  This is in reaction to the Faculty Senate Resolution and the Chancellor’s agreement that consultation must occur and meet our procedures. (see form) President Stanley has not approved the consultation procedure and promises to provide revised wording to be considered by FA.

She continued by announcing that she met with several members of APC, Grad Council, Undergraduate  Curriculum  Council to discuss the emerging philosophy on what should be required of various new academic programs such as combined BA/Graduate degrees.  The discussion will continue during the fall semester.  In addition Dr. Camp has asked the Personnel Policies Council to consider a by-laws amendment to give voting rights to professional staff that teach. Adjunct professors who teach for six consecutive years are able to vote, but there is no amount of time after which professional staff who teach are able to vote. 

IV.             Elections

*Elected to Vice Chair of the Assembly

            Joan Carroll

            *Elected to FA Seats on Personal Policies Council

            Margaret Ryniker, Sandy Moore

            *Elected to Non-FA Seats on Personal Policies Council

            Elizabeth Schmitt, Richard Metzgar

            *Elected to FA Seat on Academics Policies Council

            Steve Abraham, Sue Fettes

            *Elected to CLAS Humanities Seat on General Education Council

            Georgina Whittingham

            *Elected to School of Business Seat on General Education Council

            John Huonker

            *Elected to the FA Seat on Information Technology Council

            Scott Roby

            *Elected to Non-FA seat on Information Technology Council

            Zohra Manseur

            *Elected to the FA seat on the Graduate Council

            Tania Ramalho, Linda Rae Markert

            *Elected to the Non-FA seat on the Graduate Council

            Fehmi Damkaci, Damian Schofield

 The meeting was adjourned at 3:57 PM.