October 3 Minutes



General Faculty Meeting Minutes      October 3, 2011
Chair: Susan Camp              Recorder: Stephanie Bischoping


Members Absent: C. McEvoy, T. Ramalho, English and Creative Writing rep


                        The meeting was called to order at 3:10 PM.


I.                   Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved as distributed.


II.                Approval of September 12 and 19, 2011 Minutes

The minutes were approved as distributed.


III.             FA Chair’s Report – S. Camp

The chair began her report by encouraging everyone to nominate their colleagues for the President's Award for Excellence in Faculty Service and the President's Award for Excellence in Professional Staff Service.  Last year Marcia Burrell of the Curriculum and Instruction Department, and Michelle Bandla of First-year Programs received the honors and cash awards.  You can follow this link for award criteria and deadlines.  http://www.oswego.edu/academics/faculty/assembly/PresAwardExcellence.html. 

She continued by inviting everyone in the assembly to attend an open forum to learn more about our transition from ANGEL to Blackboard as the learning management system.  We will be piloting some courses this summer with the transition this fall. It will be a good opportunity to discuss the transition plan and answer questions and hear concerns. Our colleagues from CTS and CELT will join Extended Learning in hosting this event. The meeting will be Wednesday, October 5 at 4 PM in room 201, Campus Center. 


IV.             Reports of Councils, Committees, and Task Forces


·         Academic Policies Council

David Andrews was elected recorder, Sue Fettes was elected chair, Steve Abraham was elected reporter.  The council reviewed some changes to the chemistry honors program that was returned to the department for clarification.  They then discussed blanket deviations and decided they will now review all blanket deviations to make.  They also discussed the proposal to require the assignment of midterm grades for all 100 and 200 level courses from the retention steering committee.  Next the council reviewed the proposal to change the communication major and minor; the changes were approved pending some fine tuning.  Finally the council reviewed the communication studies department proposal for a name change of the communication major and minor within to communication and social interaction.  This was not approved but sent back to the department for clarification. 


·         Priorities and Planning Council approved the major and minor name change for Communications, approved the major changes in Communications, approved the chemistry honors and discussed health and wellness certificate program. 


·         General Education Council met and discussed the work of the GenEd21 Task Force but took no actions. 


·         Information Technology Council will be meeting on Tuesday October 4 at 8:00 am in the Lake Effect Conference Room in Penfield Library. 


·         Graduate Council met on Friday, September 23rd. We elected Damien Schofield to chair

the council and he will also represent this group at FAEB meetings. Linda Rae Markert was

elected recorder with Shannon Pritting serving as alternate recorder. We reviewed the revised Proposal for Shared Governance Consultation Procedures Prior to Deactivation

or Discontinuance of an Academic Program at SUNY Oswego – our comments were taken by the

GC Chair to FAEB on September 26th.


·         Undergraduate Curriculum Council met Sept 28, considered a number of proposals which required follow up.  Will meet again on October 12. 


·         Academic Outreach will be meeting on Monday October 10 at 11:00 am in the Extended Learning Conference room. 


·         UUP

The team is getting together to meet with the administration October 5-6.  When they first met the state requested opening three articles, wages, pension contributions, and medical insurance.  The union requested opening 34.  Last Tuesday PEF rejected their conflict, which is good news, because the state settles with PEF before with UUP.   


·         Campus Concept Committee will meet Monday, October 10.


·         Assessment Advisory Committee will meet on Friday Oct 7, at 3:00 pm.


·         Writing Across the Curriculum and Steering Committee discussed the Dean’s writing awards and wanted to let FA know that the website is almost ready to be launched.    


·         Gen Ed Design Taskforce has met every Monday since the start of the semester.  They are continuing to develop a draft of three models and a fourth has emerged.


·         Catalogue Coordinator continues to work on having the catalogue edited by the secretaries of departments.  They are working with the technology people to create a tutorial. 


V.                Report from Sustainability Steering Committee- John Moore

The President’s Climate Commitment and Environmental Sustainability Team is proud to present to the Faculty Assembly our progress since the Spring of 2011 Semester. 


We completed our STARS program and achieved a Silver Rating with a score of 54.40 out of 100.  We did very well in the three scoring areas of Education and Research, Operations and Planning and Administration.  Of the schools that have submitted to date, we are among the 24% that reached the Silver Level.  The majority of 52% were at a Bronze Level.  The process was a great bench marking effort for our campus and lead to a great deal of learning.  Since our initial campus reflection back in 2007, we have reduced our carbon footprint by about 5%, we have added a significant number of sustainability related courses and hopefully a Sustainability Minor.  We have a long way to go but it is nice to know that we are making progress. 


Also over the Spring-Summer the Team developed a Sustainability Road Map to help provide some organization and direction for the Team to follow.  The process was in partnership with O’brien and Gere.  We developed a set of four strategic directions (Curriculum/Learning, Operations/Environment, Community/Lifestyle, Communication/Engagement) with goals and Key Performance Indicators. 


In 2011-2012 we hope to focus our efforts on some elements of the Road Map including integrating into more courses, developing better communication methods, developing some annual trending data from the KPIs are further the engagement of our students. 


The next review period is in about three years and John Moore believes it is very possible to achieve Gold Status by then.  STARS gives us a way to evaluate what we do as a campus and gives us a way to compare our campus to other universities.  The difference between silver and gold, means that we would be doing more things as a gold rated campus that this organization sees as good sustainability.  They want us to look at how we can implement sustainability in everything we do.  It is not necessary to reach gold, but we want to continue to see improvement. 


The campus has reduced its carbon foot print approximately 5%.  The biggest part to tackle now is commuters. 


The committee meets on Friday Mornings at 8:00 am.  They are looking for a nomination from the School of Business.


VI.             Report from Assessment Coordinator-Brad Wray

In May 2011 there was a series of Assessment Workshops entitled Improving the Assessment of Student Learning at SUNY Oswego with Dr. Barbara Walvoord.  More than 130 faculty members attended these workshops and there was a lot of positive feedback in regards to the workshops.  Walvoord dispelled myths about assessment, gave useful strategies for effective assessment, and made the process seem more manageable. 


On Wednesday October 26 and Thursday October 27 Dr. Walvoord will be on campus to meet with a number of groups.  There are some open time slots in the schedule.  In order to book a time for your department please contact Brad Wray at brad.wray@oswego.edu or by phone at ext. 2781.  Dr. Walvoord will be back on Wednesday January 18, you can contact Brad Wray if you would like to arrange a meeting with her then as well. 


In addition to getting help from Dr. Walvoord you can contact Brad Wray or other members of the Faculty Assembly elected Assessment Advisory Committee (AAC) who all have training and expertise in the assessment of student learning.  This committee can assist departments seeking feedback on their current assessment practices or seeking to make changes to how they assess student learning. 


VII.          Elections

Elected to a seat on Academic Policies Council--Rachid Manseur


Elected to a 1-year FA seat on Admissions and Students Services Council--Bernadette Sibuma


Elected to an FA seat on Admissions and Students Services Council--Jing Lei


Elected to a Library seat on the Assessment Advisory Committee--Jim Nichols


VIII.       Unfinished Business

Sustainability Minor Update

After discussion the committee struck the sentence that read “Students with declared minors will have first choice on these courses many of which can be used to fill general education requirements:”


Some concern was expressed over the future “need for ¼ reassigned time per year for the coordinator”. 


The minor as revised was approved.


Global and International Studies - Revision

This proposal has two elements.  First to drop the list of courses needed to take for each of the concentrates.  The second is to add Global Sustainability to the list of concentrations.  This would allow a double major in global studies to be more available to students in the Natural Sciences. 


The revisions to the Global and International Studies BA with new Global Sustainability concentration were approved by the assembly. 


IX.             New Business

 The meeting was adjourned at 4:16 PM.