October 17 Minutes


Faculty Assembly Minutes                  October 17, 2011
Chair: Susan Camp                               Recorder: Stephanie Bischoping

Members Absent: J. Knapp, A. Johnson, R. O'Connor, J, Nichols


                        The meeting was called to order at 3:09 PM.


I.              Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved as distributed.


II.            Approval of October 3, 2011 Minutes

The minutes were approved as distributed.


III.         FA Chair's Report - S. Camp

The chair began her report by announcing her work with Office of Judicial Affairs to recruit and appoint faculty for the Judicial Board and Student Conduct Committee.

Currently they have appointed:

Steve Abraham-Business            
Eric Schmitz-CMA

John Kares Smith--CMA
Julie Pretzat--CMA
Dave Bozak--CLAS
Margaret Ryniker-CLAS

Diane Brand-- CLAS
Barb Garii--Education
Adrianne Johnson--Education

They are still looking for more faculty to serve, especially from the School of Business.  Lisa Evaneski will be at the next meeting to talk about the office, its work and possible faculty involvement.

She continued by announcing that she will be leaving Oswego, but not retiring) and will be unable to fulfill the duties of the chair of Faculty Assembly beginning at the close of December commencement on December 17th.  Therefore Vice-Chair, Joan Carroll, will take over as FA Chair for the Spring Semester.  The annual election for FA chair will then take place in April as called for by the Faculty by-laws.

Finally she requested that everyone please nominate their colleagues for these awards.
President's Award for Excellence in Faculty Service
President's Award for Excellence in Professional Staff Service

Follow this link for criteria and deadlines.  http://www.oswego.edu/academics/faculty/assembly/PresAwardExcellence.html


IV.          Reports of Councils, Committees, and Task Forces

·      Academic Policies Council

The committee voted to support the midterm grade report presented by the retention steering committee.  They also approved the name change of the communication studies major and minor to "Communication and Social Interaction". A document with the new name and the changes that were reported at the last meeting was handed out today.  Members of APC will be contacting departments who seek to have blanket deviations for rationale as for why a blanket deviation is needed. 


·      Priorities and Planning

This committee has met twice in the past week.  On October 11 at 8:00 am they met with the Deans and the Provost to discuss searches for the 2011-2012 academic year.  Preliminary discussion took place regarding the Academic Affair Goals for this year as well as the criteria used in selecting/approving searches. At this meeting provost Clomo underscored her desire for the process to be more transparent and presented an overview of the process including providing the committee with an example of a request she considered well argued. Department chairs submitted a prioritized list of requests to their respective Deans. Each request had to argue the merit of the position with regards to AA goals. Many of the searches were approved because they support departments involved in accreditation studies as well as positions that serve multiple areas/departments. For example: A search has been approved for a Tenure-Track Person who will reside in Philosophy but will also teach Business Ethics courses for the School of Business. Overall, the number of searches appears to be up from last year with even distribution across all four schools as well as the Library and Extended Learning.

Final Statistics
Funds Available $2,230, 947
47 Searches going forward (23 TT; 17 VAPS, 4 NTPS FT, 2 NTPS PT, 1 Management Confidential)

At the second meeting on Friday, October 14 at 3 pm the council approved the Graduate Certificate in Health and Wellness, and tabled the MATs in Chemistry and Math. The council is still awaiting further information from the School of Ed.


·      General Education  

At the most recent meeting this council gave one time provisional approval for CAS 301 Psychology and Art of Comedy to count as intellectual issues: self and societies general education requirement.  The council then began an ongoing discussion in the ways in which they can better serve departments and programs with general education and assessment. 


·      Information Technology Council
Mark Springston will serve as chair and Larry Fuller as FA Reporter.


CTAB report
The full board met on Sept 9.  At this meeting committees were formed and met for the first time during the full meeting.  CTS explained how desktop security is being handled, and how the various issues that came out of CTAB were addressed.  The Technology Plan is beginning to come together, and there is an aggressive timetable in place to complete the first year of the Plan.  SCAP applications are due Friday, Oct 7.


The next CTAB meeting is Friday, Oct 14 at 8:00am in Campus Center 114.  At this meeting there will be a presentation by the Verizon Cybersecurity Team.

Update on Implementing Student Photos
The policy drafted by ITC has been reviewed by SUNY Counsel, approved by Faculty Assembly, and approved by the campus president.  CTS worked with ID & Dining over the summer to modify the ID photo process so students are now aware their picture may be used for other educational purposes.  CTS is now working with other Banner campuses to see how they have implemented the use of photos.

DSI/LakerApps Process

The pilot project involved 9 departments and many positive comments have been received.  One department has asked FA to consider using LakerApps for the Term & Continuing Reviews.  Departments have various internal procedures for handling DSI and folders, and the LakerApps workflow seemed to accommodate all the variations.  A workshop was held this summer to provide assistance to those who wanted it.  Those attending were primarily department chairs and committee chairs.  We still need to know how the process worked at the Dean, Provost and President levels.  Joe will query the Provost Council on this.  (Wed, Oct 5).  ITC hopes to survey the 9 departments on how successful the pilot was.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Nov 10, 8:00 - 9:00 in the Lake Effect Conference Room in Penfield Library


·      Graduate Council

The graduate council met on Friday, October 7th.  At this meeting they approved the proposal for a new course: PSY 554-Trauma and Self-Care: Compassion Fatigue as a core course in the Trauma Studies Certificate Program. 


Assessment plans need to be in place for all graduate programs for Middle States Accreditation Report; there are a few that are still under development. 


The council asks members to think about programs which can be added to the list of graduate programs approved by the Peace Corps Master International agreement.


The council will meet again on October 21 at 8:00 am. 


·      Admissions and Student Services Council

Admissions and Student Services met on Friday, October 14, 2011. Bernadette Sibuma will be the Chair, and Lisa Glidden will be the recorder. The council voted to bring forward the 'no unnecessary travel' resolution to Faculty Assembly. The council set their agenda for this and next year and plans to meet again on Friday, November 18th at 10am.


·      Undergraduate Curriculum Council

UCC met on Wednesday, 10/12 and approved the following course proposals:

ACC 201 - Principles of Accounting I (Update - change of prerequisites)
CSC 222 - Computer Organization and Programming
(Update to credit
hours - will require APC approval)
BIO 371 - Animals and Society (New)
PSY 454 - Trauma and Self-Care: Compassion Fatigue (New)

The following course proposal was given provisional approval (details to be discussed with the department):

HIS 355 - Colloquium in Regional and Local U.S. History (Update-course number)


The council would like to remind faculty members that to ask for assistance from their UCC representative when trying to get course approval because the process goes much smoother. 

UCC will next meet again on Wednesday, October 26


·      Academic Outreach

Tim Nekritz will serve as chair and Larry Fuller as FA Reporter. Updates were provided on the following:

1. High School programs - many languages being taught in High Schools; BOCES "New Visions" and the "Aspire Higher".  - ~ 50 top Oswego High juniors were invited and ~10 students
        enrolled in our on campus classes.

2.  Part-time initiatives - PBJ & Broadcasting programs doing well along with growth in online

3.  Distance Learning - ANGEL will be converted to Blackboard.

4. Metro Center - application materials for status as a "branch campus" are now in Albany. The
                   impact on faculty & accreditation were discussed. It was brought to the attention of the Assembly that no faculty member will be forced to teach at the branch campus in Albany, and it has been advised that any job description include something about working in different locations. 

5. Summer 2011 - there were 3% more students enrolled than last summer.

6. Winter Session 2012 - all courses will be online with no face-to-face classes offered.

7. Phoenix Center - a new sign erected. Painting and new carpeting are being installed.

8. Graduate programs - have been working on health certificate programs.


It was brought to the attention of the Assembly that no faculty member will be forced to teach at the branch campus in Syracuse, and it has been advised that any job description include something about working in different locations. 

The council will meet in late November, the date is not yet determined. 


·      UUP

Everyone should have received a renegotiations update late last week describing the state of the negotiations at this time.  Continue checking the website for updates.  There is some IDAP money available.  The end date of the activity for that money is December 31.  When filling out an application be sure to type it and make sure it is complete.


·      Campus Concepts Committee

The committee met on October 10 and discussed the west quad projects which include Tyler, Penfield, Lanigan, and Hewitt.


·      Assessment Advisory Committee

This committee met on Friday October 9. Jennifer Knapp was elected Chair and Patrick Murphy is reporter.  The committee continues to review department program assessment plans while preparing for Barbra Walvoord's visit next week.  The committee is in the process of preparing a memo for faculty governance committees concerning integration of assessment into our currently existing governance practices. 


·       Writing Across the Curriculum meets tomorrow 


·      Gen Ed Taskforce

The task force continues to refine four possible models for a revision to general education.  They anticipate there will be a report by the end of the month which will address the pedagogical strengths of each model.  The task force meets every week on Monday mornings at 8am.  


·      Announcements from SCAP

The fall faculty SCAP deadline is October 24, 2011 at 4:30 pm.  The fall Student SCAP deadline is  November 7, 2011 at 4:30.  Additional information and applications are available on the ORSP website. 


V.            Academic Affairs Update -Lorrie Clomo

The provost, Lorrie Clomo, spoke at this meeting about Searches, Sabbaticals, Middle States Accreditation, Assessment Reporting and she finished with some campus wide updates.  



The provost began by explaining that in the Middle States Report there was a recommendation to include more discussion about how decisions are made.  This led to a meeting between the provost, priorities and planning council and the deans of the school to discuss searches for new faculty. 

The provost continued her report by explaining the process of searching for new faculty.  In mid June she sends guidelines to request approval to hire faculty to the deans of the college.  When determining which positions will get filled the provost looks at how a position aligns with our institutional strategic directions, our annual goals, and SUNY's plan.  A second criterion is specific assessment determined through departmental self studies.  Annual assessment data on student learning outcomes can be used as justification for necessity of a position as well.  Student interest is the third criteria which guides searches.  Interdisciplinary programming or being efficient across the institution is the final criteria. 


43 lines were available this year.  42 full time searches were approved.  We will be searching for 22 tenure track lines, 16 VIP lines, 2 NTP's, 1 MC (The Director of Libraries), And 2 lines will be filled with adjuncts.  This gives us a total funding of 2.2 million dollars. 


The provost ended her talk about searches by cautioning the assembly about comparing our institution to other SUNY institutions because they may not be reporting only tenure track lines. 



The provost will be sending out new an evaluation sheet for sabbatical approval.  Persons wishing to be granted a sabbatical will still be required to provide a support letter from their department which will indicate how the position will be covered while they are absent.  The forms are due from the dean's office to the provost by January 1, and she will have them back to the individual by January 9.    The dean's should discuss the criteria with everyone at chairs meetings coming up.  Sabbaticals are evaluated based on the quality of the sabbatical; purpose of the project, personal qualifications for completing the project, execution of the sabbatical, and the expected outcomes of the sabbatical, and department support. 


Middle States

We are nearing the end of Middle States, the first draft has been written and there will be a final open forum for editing of this stage of the draft this Wednesday.  After this draft is done it will be sent to our middle states chair Dr. Sevillos, who will be on our campus November 2 and November 3.  On November 3 in CC 113 from 11:10-11:50 there will be an open forum.  This will be an opportunity to talk about the process, how other members of his team will evaluate our report.  He and his team will be back on campus April 1- April 4. 


Assessment Reporting

This is a new process that Provost Clomo put into place.  All schools will be asked to provide a one page report of their assessment activities, what their plans are for moving forward, and what changes have been made due to assessment results, along with their annual report.  There is a one page template for this reporting process.  This is due to the provost on June 15 and will be reviewed by the deans and chairs. They will respond to the report with suggestions for moving forward and information about additional resources.  This information will be on record in the Institutional Research and Assessment office. 


Quick Updates

These updates came from a list that the assembly put out.  We are working on a better writing center with better tutoring.  There is a reorganization of OLS occurring to improve learning services across the campus.  A three-quarter time Professional Grant Writer, Jaime Adams, has been hired with temporary service dollars to help write and edit grants.  Her office is in the English office until she is found a permanent office.  Money that was saved last year on copiers was put towards funding for attending conferences.  Travel money was also reallocated toward attending conferences.  If more money is saved this year we can continue to put the money back into professional development.  Next week there will be a discussion with Barbara Walvoord and time has been carved out specifically to discuss writing.  In regards to increasing the ratio of full time faculty, the institution is always trying to move in this direction.  Linda Loomis has been brought back in an advisory position, but it is important not to overthrow the first year advisement program which has been growing. 


VI.          Elections for vacancies on FA Councils and Committees

Professional Staff seat on Priorities and Planning Council--Judy McCabe, Theatre


VII.       Unfinished Business

The motion to allow Art to seat 2 reps this year on Faculty Assembly while PPC debates FA Representation was discussed and approved by the assembly. 


VIII.     New Business-There was no new business.

 The meeting was adjourned at 4:53 PM.