Minutes November 28

Faculty Assembly Minutes                                        November 14, 2011

Chair: Susan Camp                              Recorder: Stephanie Bischoping

Members Absent: A. Johnson, T. Ramalho


                        The meeting was called to order at 3:10 PM.


I.                   Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved as distributed.


II.                Approval of October 31, 2011 Minutes

The minutes were approved as distributed.


III.             FA Chair’s Report – S. Camp

The chair reminded everyone that meetings next semester will be in 107 Lanigan Hall with the new Faculty Assembly Chair, Joan Carroll.  She continued to remind everyone that Monday (today) was the last day to make nominations for the library director search committee.


Dr. Camp announced an event on behalf of the members on the Undergraduate Committee of the State University of New York University Faculty Senate.  The entire Oswego campus has been invited to participate in “Discovery: An Undergraduate Showcase.” The event is scheduled for February 29, 2012 in the Legislative Office Building in Albany.  Due to limited space, the invitation is for only two student posters per campus.  If any extra space becomes available campus liaisons will be alerted to additional openings.  Oswego’s liaison is Diana Boyer of Earth Sciences.  The university Faculty Senate and steering committee are responsible for making the final determination as to which posters shall be exhibited or displayed. 


Dr Camp wanted to thank everyone for a great 7 1/2 years that she spent as chair of the assembly.  She looks forward to seeing everyone at commencement. 


IV.             Reports of Councils, Committees, and Task Forces

·         Personnel Policies  

The council met a week ago Wednesday to discuss restructuring Faculty Assembly.  They would like the assembly to discuss moving toward a one rep per department model, with one rep for IPAC two reps for professional staff and two for MC.  They would like to get a sense of how the assembly feels about this. 


·         Academic Policies Council

Met on November 18 and approved the Chemistry Major Changes.  Looked at the Expressive Art Therapy Minor Revisions  but it was sent back to the department because  there was no letter from the CPS department approving the use of CPS courses and because some changes in formatting were needed. 


·         Priorities and Planning

Met on November 18 and approved the ORITE for teacher excellence proposal.  They also voted to support the motion to reduce the number of courses required in the intellectual issues category of General Education including an amendment that the change becomes effective in Spring 2012. 


·         General Education met on November 16 and discussed the motion that came to the floor two weeks ago about decreasing the number of intellectual issues courses, but would also like it to be effective in spring 2012.  They also received an update on the work of the GE21 Task Force.  The council will consider course proposals on November 30


·         Information Technology Council

A survey which pertains to the use of electronic folders for DSI will be distributed in approximately one week. 


·         Graduate Council met on November 18 to discuss the ORITE initiative and asked for more information about the initiative. 


·         Admissions and Student Services Council met on November 18 with Michelle Bandla and Nate Emmons to discuss what the council can do for orientation and learn about the First Year Program.  They have not discussed the Snow policy yet, but if you have input please email Lisa Glidden.   


·         Undergraduate Curriculum Council

The final meeting will be on Wednesday November 30 and any approvals from that meeting will be sent out to the appropriate faculty.  The council is about to launch a website to give information on all proposals and their approval status and the exact proposal itself. 


·         UUP

On Friday December 2nd 12:00-2:00 in Campus Center Lori Nash is organizing a meeting for contingent employees to discuss the amendments to the.  If you are interested in attending please RSVP. 


·         Campus Concept Committee met with students who brought information to the committee about student needs for activity space on campus. 


·         Assessment Advisory Committee

The members on this committee are excellent resources and many have received training in Middle States expectations.  The committee wants to know how they can help you. 


AAC has a rubric that can help you find the strengths or weaknesses of your Assessment Plan.  They are also discussing creating a website to get information to you.  They are looking for input in what information would be most useful to post. 


·         Writing Across the Curriculum Steering Committee

Met and discussed helping faculty develop strategies to effectively work with student writing.  There will be a workshop during winter breakout held by an expert.  People are encouraged to go to the WAC website for more information.


·         Gen Ed Taskforce has been meeting each Monday morning at 8am throughout the semester.  The last meeting for this semester will be on December 5th.  The committee is drafting its second report to the members of the campus community, including the Faculty Assembly, the administration, and the General Education Council.  This report will be completed over the winter break and should be available at the start of the next semester.  In this report the Task Force will be proposing three models for a revised general education program in order to solicit some sense of direction from all members of the campus community.  Surveys and discussions about the models will follow the report early in the spring semester.  The Task Force is moving in the direction of suggesting a General Education program of about 30-36 hours.   These models will, therefore, require members of the campus community to rethink the relationships between general education and programs in each major.  The innovations proposed for the future will require a careful discussion across the campus about resources and faculty development in terms of both research and pedagogy.  Therefore, the second report will address not only the bureaucratic design of the general education curriculum but also the place of general education on both Oswego’s campus and within the SUNY system, as well as in the lives of our faculty and of Oswego’s students.  


·         Catalogue Coordinator

Department secretaries will be receiving an email from the coordinator within the next week. 


V.                Elections

Jim Pangborn was elected to a CLAS seat on the Writing across the Curriculum Steering Committee


VI.             Unfinished Business


Rosh Hashanah and the final date to drop a class were switched on the calendar which is why it was incorrect what the assembly looked at it two weeks ago.  There was discussion on whether or not to have a fall break in this year.  The Calendar as was emailed through the assembly list serve was approved. 


--Proposal for Shared Governance Consultation Procedures Prior to Deactivate And/Or Discontinuence of an Academic Program at SNY Oswego

This was proposed and approved by FA last year but was not approved by the President.  It was revised in consultation with FAEB, the Provost and the President and brought to the assembly with modifications in October.  It was moved to amend the document to include the words “or program track” so that program track deactivation will also require use of these guidelines.  The amendment was approved.  The proposal was approved. 


--Proposal to reduce Intellectual Issues to one course (selected from any of the three II Categories)

This proposal is to reduce the intellectual issues courses students are required to take from 2 courses to 1.  In 2001 self and society and cultures and civilization were combined since courses were not able to offer enough Seats.  The realization that enough seats were not able to be offered has occurred numerous times since 2001.  This lack of seats causes students to be required to take winter or summer courses or take online courses.  This is not in line with the Oswego Guarantee.  This would take place in Fall 2012. 


It was moved to amend the main motion by not reducing but keeping it at two courses but allowing students to choose from any of the three categories.  Any of these options would apply to all students.  The motion to amend was approved 21 for and 20 against.


There was a motion to amend the effective date of the motion from fall 2012 to spring 2012.  The motion to amend was approved 25 for and 14 opposed. 


The main motion as amended became a two course requirement but allowing students to choose from any of the categories effective in Spring 2012.  The motion was approved 37 for and 5 opposed. 



The assembly enjoyed cake to celebrate Susan Camp’s seven and a half years serving as chair of the Faculty Assembly. 


--Proposal to continue Five-Course, Pre-Scheduling for 1st year students prior to summer orientation

It was reported that this was effective in reducing orientation stress.  Returning First year advisers were asked to compare the new system to the old system.  The feedback seemed generally positive with only a few areas where there is needed improvement.  The motion was approved 38 for and 1 opposed. 


VII.          New Business

There was no new business


The meeting was adjourned at 4:49 PM.