Minutes November 14

Faculty Assembly Minutes                                        November 14, 2011

Chair: Susan Camp                              Recorder: Stephanie Bischoping

Members Absent: A. Johnson, T. Ramalho, K.Campbell, J. McDonald, F. Pennes, J. Langenfeld Rial, E. Basualdo


                        The meeting was called to order at 3:09 PM.


I.                   Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved as distributed.


II.                Approval of October 31, 2011 Minutes

The minutes were approved as distributed.


III.             FA Chair’s Report – S. Camp

Next semester, Faculty Assembly will be meeting in 107 Lanigan Hall.

Jim Nichols reported that Penfield Library is beginning anew the search for our next Library
Director, and faculty members are needed to be on a Library Director Search Committee.
He hopes you will consider being a nominee for our search committee.  They are especially seeking faculty who are strong library users or librarian/faculty collaborators, and have a strong interest in learning about current and future library trends.  Faculty representatives from each of the Schools of Business; Education; Communication, Media & the Arts and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
are needed.

Please bring a reusable cup for your refreshing beverages at Faculty Assembly Meetings. 


IV.             Reports of Councils, Committees, and Task Forces

·         Personnel Policies met on November 2nd and considered representation for professional staff that teach but decided that they are adequately represented in the current system.  They also talked about FA Representation, there is no proposal but one model which was considered is one rep for each department and one for IPAC, but that would require restructuring of all the councils.  PPC thinks it might be time to rethink committee structure.  They meet again on Wednesday. 

·         Academic Policies Council will be meeting on Friday.

·         Priorities and Planning met on October 14 to discuss extended learning initiatives, such as online winter sessions, summer sessions, part-time learning programs, high-school programs, the metro center, and representation.  They approved the graduate certificate program in Health and Wellness.  They also discussed the MAT in Adolescent Mathematics and Adolescent Chemistry. 

They also met on November 4th and approved the MAT in Adolescent Chemistry and the MAT in Adolescent Mathematics.  They discussed the lack of classes in General Education Intellectual Issues category and will meet again this Friday. 

·         General Education Council met on November 2, 2011.  Rameen will sit on the GE21 Task Force during Chris’s recovery. BIO 304 Insects and People-- Provisional approval for II Natural Sciences is pending assessment and alignment of prerequisites.  ART 490 Sex, Violence, and Religion: The Art of Caravaggio-- One time approval for II Self and Society

·         Information Technology Council met on November 10th and discussed liability of using Laker Apps as a form of DSI submissions. They also discussed the principles of electronic faculty folders for new faculty and discussed campus mass communication means.  The next meeting is Thursday December 1st.

·         Admissions and Student Services Council is meeting Friday at 10:00 in 249 Campus Center


·         Undergraduate Curriculum Council met on Wednesday, 11/9/11 and approved the following proposals:
* ECE 233 - Signals & Systems (Update to prerequisites)
* HIS 470 - Reading Seminar in History
* HON 204 - Honors Writing about Literature
(Course number update)
UCC will meet next on Wednesday, 11/30/11 and has a new prototype that they are working on for the website. 

·         Academic Outreach Council is meeting Tuesday November 17 at 4:00

·         UUP requests that everyone attend the chapter meeting Tuesday, November 15 at 4:00 in 205 Campus Center. Information about contract negotiations will be shared.  Also remember to get your IDAP  requests in by December 15.  PEF did ratify their contract on November 3. Things will be moving along more quickly. 

·         Campus Concepts Committee met November 7th heard from CEAC regarding a possible rain garden in lieu of the sun quad.  Discussed and recommended to the President that SCMA be planned for Tyler and Hewitt in the next phase of capital planning.

·         Assessment Advisory Committee will meet this Friday to discuss how the committee might react to the recommendations of middle states and how they might move forward to best serve the campus in the spring. 

·         Writing Across the Curriculum reviewed feedback from the meetings with Barbara Walvoord and discussed the changes in tutoring.  They also discussed some ideas for  winter breakout sessions. 

·         Gen Ed Taskforce met on Monday at 8:00 am. 


V.                Elections

No seats were filled at this meeting


VI.             Unfinished Business

--Faculty Senate Resolutions

Two resolutions were passed by University Faculty Senate in October.  

The first was on Shared services and asking for the chancellor to consult with campus governance before initiating shared services.   The Assembly affirmed this UFS resolution.

The second asked that System administration assess whether shared services are really saving money and assure that the saved money is spent on instruction.  The Assembly affirmed this UFS resolution.

--Proposed resolution regarding no unnecessary travel

Travel Advisory (caution advised since hazardous driving conditions could be encountered), No Unnecessary Travel (Hazardous driving conditions do exist, and no unnecessary travel SHOULD take place it is a matter of the individuals judgment), Roads Closed except for essential travel (True consequence for traveling, declared by the sheriff or chief executive), Roads Closed except for emergency travel (true state of emergency declared by the chairman or county legislature, extremely hazardous driving conditions exist and driving should be limited to that which will preserve life and or property and is limited to emergency vehicles) are terms often used but Oswego County has not officially adopted any of these definitions.  In the past we have not restricted travel but advised that conditions are bad and left the choice to the individual citizen.  Canceling individual classes is at the discretion of the professor and they should have a method by which to inform students.  The chair made the recommendation that this resolution is referred to the Admissions and student services council. This resolution was sent back to the council. 

--Academic Calendar for 2015-2016

Rosh Hashanah was listed on the wrong day. A corrected calendar will be shared and voted on at the Nov 28th meeting.

--Midterm Grade Proposal

Due to the midterm grade pilot there seems to have been an improvement in 1st year student retention.  The proposal is for faculty of all 100 and 200 level classes to assign midterm grades to students by the end of the 8th week of classes.  So far midterm grades have only been voluntary.  The assembly approved this proposal. 


VII.          New Business

--General Education Intellectual Issues

This proposal is to lower the number of required credits from 6 to 3.  Please talk to your advisers to know how difficult this area has been for students to fill. 


 The meeting was adjourned at 4:53 PM.