General Faculty Minutes September 12


General Faculty Meeting Minutes                  September 12, 2011

Chair: Susan Camp                                          Recorder: Stephanie Bischoping


The meeting was called to order at 4: 06P.M. 


I.       Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved unanimously.


II.     Approval of Minutes of General Faculty Meeting of May 2, 2011

The minutes were approved unanimously.


III.          President's Report – D. Stanley 

The president began her report by discussing “The Story of SUNY Oswego”.  This is an 8 part documentary which is being produced by New York Met.  One video will be released each month for the remainder of the academic year.  The documentary is going to focus on the unique history and founding of SUNY Oswego.  Part one of this series can be found at

She explained that SUNY was created from wholly formed institutions and each individual college has a rich history.  She emphasized the value of campus alliances within the SUNY system.  Presidents and Chief financial officers of the SUNY schools have met as a group.  There are plans to continue these discussions about alliances and how the individual colleges can become more efficient by becoming aligned.  There are currently no plans to share presidents between additional SUNY colleges. 

She reported that current enrollment is just over what was projected for the year.  Full-time Undergraduate enrollment is up, full-time and Graduate enrollment is down.  Some of that planning included the way first year student advisement and registration was addressed this year, which was wholly effective in reducing the crunch at the end to add new sections.  In addition the number of part time graduates continues to decline.

The President reported that summer numbers are increasing and have returned to level of 6 years ago.  The Selectivity matrix remains approximately the same even though there were more full- time students. There were fewer freshmen this year.  Residence hall occupancy is about the same as last year and is projected to decrease slightly in the spring.  There are fewer triples, and the school is adequately providing places for students. 

The president discussed the decrease in the number of New York State high school graduates and how SUNY Oswego is trying to increase the number of international students.  The population, at SUNY Oswego, of underrepresented freshmen and transfer students is increasing by virtue of geography and recruitment efforts.  The mean SAT score at SUNY Oswego s 1110 and the mean for NYS is 1011. 

The president reported that this year 38 new faculty and 24 new staff were hired through a full-fledged hiring cycle, and twelve were from underrepresented groups. 

President Stanley discussed the financial plan from SUNY and the increase in the revenue from tuition which will result in 2.4 million dollars.  The budget was passed, and SUNY colleges got a five-year plan including maintenance of effort that the state has an obligation to continue paying at the level it is paying now.  Also SUNY doesn’t have to request the full $300 each year.  The president explained that we are asking SUNY to look at the drastic cuts we have absorbed over the last 4 years and realize that $300 a year for five years will not make us whole.  SUNY officials are just beginning the budget request for this year.  A formula was applied to the distribution of TAP money in order to take care of students in need.  Every SUNY school must help eligible students in need with up to 25% of tuition not covered by TAP - which for Oswego amounted to about $500,000.   

The president ended by reminding everyone about the October 4, 2011 Sheldon’s Birthday Bash 11:00 am -1:30 pm  and other sesquicentennial celebrations.  


IV. FA Senate – G. Kay

The faculty Senate is meeting in 2 weeks and there will be a full report at the next General Faculty meeting.  Next October we are holding the University Faculty Senate Plenary in Oswego. 


V.   UUP Report- S. Abraham 

President Abraham began his report by informing everyone that the location of the union office has moved to Hewitt room 221.  You can reach the UUP at .  The officers for 2011-2012 are:

President – Steve Abraham

VP – Academics – Maureen Curtin

VP – Professionals – David Kahn

Treasurer – John MacDonald

Secretary – Winfield Ihlow

Part Time Representative – Lori Nash

Academic Grievance Officer – Bruce Altschuler

Professional Grievance Officer – Bill Canning


He continued by reporting that UUP does not have a position on the “shared services” at this time.  The union is in favor of anything that expands opportunities for SUNY students but at the same time, is always looking out for UUP members and will work to ensure that their terms and conditions of employment are not adversely affected.  At this point, it is too early to assess the effects of shared services so the union is taking no official position.


President Abraham then continued his report by discussing the contract.  There is nothing to report on contract negotiations.  At this point, as many of you know, employees represented by CSEA ratified a contract with the state but it would be inappropriate for me as UUP president to make any comments about that agreement.  Also, while it is true that both UUP and CSEA negotiate with the state, we are different unions and there is no guarantee that the two contracts will be identical.  At this point, you should be aware of a few things:


Initial Proposals were exchanged on August 29, 2011.

A broad outline of UUP's proposals is on the UUP website

Additional meetings have been scheduled on September 8 and 9 with the proposals will be clarified.

Additional updates about UUP's negotiations with the state will be provided on the UUP website

Even if an agreement is reached, the next level is a committee that must approve that contract before it is given to the members for ratification (both Lori Nash and I from our campus are on that committee).

Triborough doctrine – benefits extended.  Any benefit under the contract expired on July 1 will automatically continue unless that benefit had a specific subset date in the contract.  For example, medical and dental insurance extend, eyeglass coverage extends, etc.


VI. Chair Report - S. Camp     

The chair began her report by welcoming everyone in attendance. 

During the final meeting last May, FA approved a process for governance consultation prior to program deactivation or discontinuance.  This is in reaction to the Faculty Senate Resolution and the Chancellor’s agreement that consultation must occur and meet our procedures. (see form) President Stanley has not approved the consultation procedure and promises to provide revised wording to be considered by FA.

She continued by announcing that she met with several members of APC, Grad Council, Undergraduate  Curriculum  Council to discuss the emerging philosophy on what should be required of various new academic programs such as combined BA/Graduate degrees.  The discussion will continue during the fall semester.  In addition Dr. Camp has asked the Personnel Policies Council to consider a by-laws amendment to give voting rights to professional staff that teach. Adjunct professors who teach for six consecutive years are able to vote, but there is no amount of time after which professional staff who teach are able to vote.   


VIII.            New Business

                        Time did not allow for discussion.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:57 P.M.