NYS-Mandated Workshops Required for Teacher, SBL/SDL, and School Counseling/Psychology Certification

Required Workshops

Candidates completing initial certification programs in teacher education must complete seven (7) state-mandated workshops in order for SUNY Oswego to recommend you for certification. See the table below for a list of the NYS mandated workshops. Candidates completing the CAS in Educational Leadership and initial certification in School Counseling and School Psychology must complete the DASA 1020 workshop course to be recommended for certification.

SSHS 1020 course satisfies 6 of those workshops.  If you do not take SSHS 1020, you must provide evidence that you have formally satisfied the requirements for all six workshops.

The DASA 1020 workshop course will satisfy the seventh workshop.  If you do not take DASA 1020, you must provide a Certificate of Completion indicating you have completed the DASA workshop with another approved provider.

Course State-Mandated Workshop
SSHS 1020 Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting
School Violence Prevention and Intervention (SAVE)
Fire and Arson Prevention
Highway Safety and Traffic Regulations and School Safety Patrols
Child Abuse Prevention
Prevention of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Abuse
DASA 1020 Dignity for All Students Act workshop (DASA)

The SSHS 1020 and DASA 1020 courses have an additional cost that is billed in your tuition when you register. 

SSHS 1020 is an online course. DASA 1020 is a 6 hour class of which 3 hours must be face-to-face. For registration and scheduling details, go the the DASA/Safe Schools page.

The DASA workshop is offered at other institutions throughout New York State. You must attend this workshop at a NYSED-approved location. Go to the NYSED DASA-applicant website for a list of these approved locations. 

Candidates who complete the DASA workshop elsewhere must submit the original Certification of Completion to Shelly St. John in the Registrar's Office at 307 Culkin Hall.

Be sure to hold onto your originals or copies of your workshop, participation or seminar completion certificates. When Oswego recommends you for certification, this will verify your completion of the requirement.  You may also need the copies if you are applying for additional certifications or applying for certification in another state.