SUNY Oswego has a range of initial and professional certification programs in teaching, school counseling, school psychology, and educational administration at the undergraduate and graduate level. All programs are approved by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) and the Board of Regents and accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).  We also offer a variety of programs leading to other national certifications, (e.g. mental health counseling and wellness).

The Associate Registrar acts as the Certification Officer on behalf of the Dean of the School of Education for all NYSED certification programs and recommends program completers for the appropriate certification upon completion of an approved teacher preparation, school counseling, school psychology or educational administrative program. 

NYSED has additional criteria for obtaining certification, including passing scores on New York State Teacher Certification Exams (NYSTCE); US citizenship or appropriate visa status; and good moral character (confirmed by fingerprinting and a criminal background check).  Please see the Fingerprinting page for details.

Effective in 2014, NYSED has revised the requirements for certifications.  Review the new requirements here.

Important Update from NYSED April 29, 2014:
Pursuant to the emergency action taken at the April Regents meeting, if a candidate applies for and meets all the requirements for an initial certificate on or before June 30, 2015 (including completing and submitting for scoring the teacher performance assessment), except the candidate does not receive a satisfactory score on the teacher performance assessment, the candidate may meet the requirements for an initial certificate, if subsequent to receiving a score for the teacher performance assessment and prior to June 30, 2015, a candidate receives a satisfactory level of performance on the written assessment of teaching skills examination in lieu of a satisfactory level of performance on the teacher performance assessment.

However, please be advised that any candidate who applies for certification on or after May 1, 2014, and fails the edTPA, will not be required to retake the ATS-W if the candidate took the ATS-W prior to April 30, 2014, and received a satisfactory passing score on the exam.

Further information about the edTPA implementation in New York State is available at: http://www.nystce.nesinc.com/NY_annTPA.asp

Have you already applied for your certificate, completed your NYS tests and been fingerprinted? Find out the status of your certificate by clicking TEACH.

Contact the Registrar's Office for additional certification information:
Shelly St. John, Associate Registrar
307 Culkin Hall, SUNY Oswego
Oswego, NY 13126

Contact the Graduate Studies Office for additional certification information:
Graduate Studies Office
606 Culkin Hall, SUNY Oswego
Oswego, NY 13126

If you have additional questions, contact the NYSED Office of Teaching Initiatives at tcert@mail.nysed.gov, call the Tech Helpline at (518)486-6041, or fax TEACH at (518)474-6950, or use the link on the website's main page entitled "Report Problems Using TEACH."