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Courts, Law, and Government Administration

A Paralegal, also called a Legal Assistant or sometimes a Legal Technician , is someone who can do everything a lawyer can do, short of arguing a case in court, giving legal advice, accepting clients, setting or accepting legal fees or making legal decisions. They can do all the varied research necessary for the preparation of any legal proceeding, including drafting legal documents, researching points of law, and investigating the facts of a case. Some also deal directly with clients and assist the attorney in court, while others do all their work in the office. Employers include law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies and public service agencies.

Campaign Aides work on the campaign of a candidate who is running for local, state or national office. Some responsibilities could include direct mailings, phone campaigns, rallies, fund raisers, and even door-to-door canvassing. The nature of the job changes to match the progress of the campaign.

Legislative Aides, also called Legislative Assistants, do work that relates to various bills under consideration. They may write bills, answer correspondence or letters relating to certain bills, or help the member answer questions before committees. They keep track of potential laws or proposals for the member, and do research on how bills will affect the people in the member's home district.

Probation Officer. The words probation and parole mean the same thing to many people. In fact, they are different. Probation is a sentence imposed by courts of a criminal jurisdiction. Instead of sending convicted persons to jail or to some jail time followed by community supervision, the court sentences them to probation. They are then under the supervision of a Probation Officer for a fixed period of time. They follow the orders and conditions of probation imposed by the sentencing courts and report to the probation officer at regular times, as ordered. The probation officer keeps track of the activities of probationers in the community.

Parolees, on the other hand, refers to persons released from prison. It is a kind of supervised release. Parole boards choose inmates they think will benefit from release from prison before they serve their full sentence. Parole Officers take charge of these parolees and try to help them make their way to a crime-free life outside prison. Parole officers , like probation officers, supervise the activities of parolees in the community.

Youth Counselors lead group "rap" sessions and serve as part of a treatment team to provide therapeutic activities for youths. They contact family members, maintain records, evaluate behavior of residents, plan for placement in communities, and conduct remotivation and resocialization programs.

Jobs Obtained By SUNY-Oswego Public Justice Graduates:

Campaign Aide, Nick Pirro for Onondaga County Executive
Canvass Director, Citizen Action of New York - Amityville, NY
Detention Counselor, Hillbrook Detention Center - Syracuse, NY
Detention Officer, ElPaso Co. Sheriff's Dept. - ElPaso, Texas
Juvenile Counselor, Dansville Juvenile Delinquent Home - Dansville, NY
Legal Assistants, DuPre & Small - Ogdensburg, NY
John Brandt Law Office - Syracuse, NY
Legal Secretary, District Attorney's Office - New Rochelle, NY
Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dickes Law Firm - New York, NY
Hughes, Hubbard & Reed - New York, NY
Legislative Aide, New York State Assembly - Albany, NY
Litigation Paralegal Rebow, MacNurry, Hewitt, Maynard & Kristol - NYC
Paralegal, New York Port Authority - New York, NY
Amarm, Hahn & Gross Law Firm - Washington, D.C.
Paine, Swiney & Tarwater - Louisville, Tennessee
Paralegal, Assistant Pincus, Solomon & Rosenblum - Levittown, NY
Fish & Neave Law Offices - New York, NY
Paralegal, Secretary Glen S. Sobel, Esq. - Roslyn Heights, NY
Probation Officer, New York City Probation Dept. - NYC, NY
Probation Officer Trainee Oswego County Probation Dept. - Oswego, NY
New York City Dept. of Probation - Jamaica, NY
Seneca County Probation Dept. - Waterloo, NY
Program Analyst/Statistician, State of New York, Division of Criminal Justice
Youth Counselors, Hillside Children's Center - Rochester, NY
Youth Development Association - East Northport, NY
Elmont Youth Outreach - Elmont, NY
Youth Division Aide, New York State Division for Youth - Auburn, NY