Electives for PBJ Majors & Minors


Every Public Justice major has the opportunity to design his or her own individualized program that best meets his or her needs and interests.  All Public Justice students take the same five core courses, but the possible combinations of electives are limited only by each student's imagination, initiative, and schedule.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the courses in the College that presently are approved as Public Justice electives.  Please bear in mind that not every course listed below is offered every semester. 

ANT 354          Forensic Anthropology                                                   

ANT 366          Crime and Culture

ANT 454          Advanced Forensic Anthropology



CHE 305         Criminalistic Chemistry                                                  
CHE 405         Forensic Science

Counseling and Psychological Services                                          

CPS 308          Issues & Careers in Human Services

CPS 310          Introduction to Counseling

CPS 391          Introduction to Family Systems

Human Development

HDV 322         Child Development

HDV 323         Adolescent Development

HDV 324         Adult Development

HDV 357         Development of Criminal Behavior

Political Science

POL 305          State & Local Government

POL 309          International Law

POL 335          The Supreme Court

POL 345          American Constitutional Law

POL 355          Civil Liberties

POL 385          Law & Society


PSY 340          Social Psychology

PSY 350          Abnormal Psychology


Public Justice 

PBJ 102 Introduction to Human Services

PBJ 202 Helping Skills

PBJ 300 Topics in Public Justice

PBJ 302 Program Planning & Evaluation

PBJ 325 Poor & the Courts

PBJ 330 Crime and the Media

PBJ 345 Criminal Investigation

PBJ 348 Criminal Evidence

PBJ 347 Crime & Society

PBJ 350 Proseminar in Public Justice

PBJ 351 Report Writing in PBJ

PBJ 360 Discrimination in the Workplace

PBJ 361 Family Law

PBJ 363 Women & the Law

PBJ 365 introduction to Criminal Law

PBJ 366 Organized Crime

PBJ 367 Women & Crime

PBJ 370 Criminal Procedure

PBJ 377 Suicide, Assisted Suicide, & Euthanasia

PBJ 383 Terrorism and Homeland Security

PBJ 385 Drugs & Crime

PBJ 387 Research Methods & Data Analysis

PBJ 400 Advanced Topics in Public Justice

PBJ 425 Comparative Justice Systems

PBJ 454 Religion, Crime, and Justice

PBJ 460 Issues in American Law & Legal Process

PBJ 461 Children & the Law

PBJ 463 American Indian Law & Federal Indian Policy

PBJ 466 Criminal Law & Procedure II


SOC 370         Sociology of Deviance

SOC 371         Criminology

SOC 372         Juvenile Delinquency

SOC 373         Gangs in American Society

SOC 374         Family Violence