Faculty and Staff Directory

Karen Wolford

wolford Office: Mahar 415
Phone: 315.312.3457
EMail: karen.wolford@oswego.edu


Fall 2013 Class Schedule:
Course Number:  PSY 350-ON1
Course Title:  Abnormal Psychology
Day(s):  SLN WEB

Course Number:  PSY 350-800
Course Title:  Abnormal Psychology
Day(s):  Tuesday - Thursday
Time:  11:10-12:30
Location:  Lanigan 103

Course Number: PSY 452/552-800
Course Title: Introduction to Trauma Studies
Day(s): Tuesday - Thursday
Time: 12:45-2:05
Location: Mahar 106, website www.wolford.pageout.net and Angel on SLN www.sln.suny.edu

Fall 2013 Office Hours:

Spring 2013 Course Schedule:
Course Number: Psy 350-810
Course Title:  Abnormal Psychology
Days: M W
Time: 8:45-10:05

: Lanigan 103 , Angel and website www.wolford.pageout.net

Course Number: Psy 350-SLN
Course Title:  Abnormal Psychology
Days: TBA
Angel on SLN  www.sln.suny.edu

Spring 2013 Office Hours:
Day:  Wednesday      
Time:  10:15-12:15 

Research Interests:
Karen Wolford is a licensed clinical psychologist whose research interests include treatment outcome studies, validational studies and scale development of psychological screening instruments (for organicity, suicidality). Additional areas of interest include psychological assessment, eating disorders, AIDS bias assessment, psychological trauma, and issues of race, class and gender. Her recent work is on assisting with the development of a state-wide grief counseling curriculum including a unit on support and supervision for grief counselors dealing with the September 11th tragedy.

Professional Information:
Ph.D.: (1980) Clinical Psychology, Oklahoma State University
(1977) Clinical Psychology, Oklahoma State University
B.S.: (1974) Psychology, Stillwater, Oklahoma State University

Professional Organizations:
American Psychological Association (APA)

Eastern Psychological Association (EPA)

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS)

Central New York Psychological Association (CNYPA)

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

Recent Papers and Publications:

Hirsch, J., Wolford, K., LaLonde, S.K., Brunk, L, and Parker-Morris, A. (2009).  Optimistic explanatory styles as a moderator of the association between negative life events and suicide ideation. Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention, 30 (1), 48-53.

Hirsch, J., Wolford, K., LaLonde, S.K., Brunk, L., and Parker Morris, A. (2007).  Dispositional optimism as a moderator of the relationship between negative life events and suicide. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 31, 533-546. Also published online July 14, 2007 in electronic form in Cognitive Therapy and Research.

Clemo, Lorrie and Wolford, Karen (2006). "Can Specialized Learning Communities Increase Civic Participation? Possible Applications for Distance Learning." From ICDE Conference proceedings. Paper presented at the ICDE World Conference on Distance Education, annual meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Wolford, K. (2005). Gender Discrimination in Employment: Wage Inequity for Professional and Doctoral Degree Holders in the United States and Possible Remedies. Journal of Education & Finance, 31(1).


Conferences/Workshops Attended:
Wolford, Karen, Hirsch, Jameson, Kelly, John and Bordador, Jeremy (2007). Dispositional optimism and gender as moderators of negative life events and suicide behavior.International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) Annual meeting Hollywood, Ca.

August, 2003. Attended Oxford Roundtable, Oxford, England. Presented in session on Gender Discrimination.