The Linguistics Program, authorized to begin enrolling students on May 24, 1967, offers a BA degree and a minor which bring together a wide range of disciplines to focus on the structure and nature of language. The core consists of 12 hours of linguistics and the cognates consist of 24 hours of upper division courses examining language from multiple perspectives.

In recent years linguistics has drawn increased attention for its practical applications as well as for its value as a theoretical science. Career opportunities, especially with a second major or a minor in a related field, include work in speech pathology, writing, business, communications, translation, computer languages, artificial intelligence, the teaching of English or second languages, sociolinguistics, international trade, and cognitive science. In short, linguistics is a truly global and cross-cultural discipline whose research and applications concerning the many cultural and interdisciplinary manifestations of language can be conducted almost anytime, anywhere.

Graduate school opportunities include: linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, cognitive science, law, medicine, social work, speech pathology, and modern languages and literatures. Many Oswego linguistics majors have engaged in internships in several of the above career fields as part of their major before graduation.

Because linguistics is multidisciplinary, internships are varied. In previous placements, students have participated in pet therapy, augmentative communication, audiology, migrant worker education, tourism, and speech pathology internships.

The Linguistics major at Oswego, the only one of its kind in the SUNY four-year colleges, develops truly cross-cultural communication interests and skills for the modern global marketplace. The program design is flexible and enables students to open a personalized window on the world Since linguistics is rarely taught in two-year colleges, it offers an opportunity for the transfer student to creatively combine courses and interests also for an exciting and useful major.

The Ferdinand de Saussure Award honors an outstanding student in linguistics and students of excellence are inducted annually into Phi Sigma Iota, the International Foreign Language Honor Society which includes the study of linguistics.