Meteorology Program

 The atmosphere and its physical and chemical characteristics, processes, weather patterns and climate records provide important clues to the course of our future. Oswego's Meteorology major examines the structure and evolution of weather systems in order to understand and predict them with greater accuracy. You can also pursue a track toward teaching earth sciences.

Oswego's Meteorology major has a national reputation, and requires specialized study in synoptic and dynamic meteorology, mesometeorology, atmospheric and cloud physics, climatology, and modern instrumentation.

Our location on the shore of Lake Ontario provides an ideal laboratory for the study of local weather phenomena such as lake-effect snowstorms, waterspouts, lake and land breezes.

Department phone number: (315) 312-3065

Recent News and Events

Major Lake-Effect Grant to Study Storms with Aircraft and Doppler on Wheels (2013-16)


Storm Chasing Program

This is a video about what we learned during the 2012 Storm Chasing trip.

Snow Chasers


An $86,000 grant from the National Science Foundation will provide SUNY Oswego meteorology faculty member Scott Steiger and his students the tools to chase the most intense snowstorms to collect first-of-its-kind data.  More...

September 1, 2010