What Can Library Instruction Cover?

Librarians can make research (and the library!) personal, accessible, and approachable. Invite a librarian to teach your classes about topics like:

Research Concepts

  • The research process
  • Developing a research question/statement
  • Evaluating information and information sources
  • Intellectual integrity and avoiding plagiarism

Finding Sources

  • Primary sources
  • Scholarly/peer-reviewed sources
  • Popular sources
  • Etc.


  • How to cite materials
  • Why to cite materials
  • Using citation creation tools

How to Request Library Instruction

To request library instruction for your classes:

  • Reach out to your major/department's librarian or use the form below.
  • Library instruction classes are typically 55-80 minute sessions given during normal course time. If multiple sessions or a longer session is needed, please discuss this with the librarian and come to a mutual agreement.
  • Please allow two weeks of lead time.
  • Plan on attending the session with your students.