Group Study Rooms

Group study room, room 200

How many? 3 rooms
Reservable? Yes

  • Rooms 200 & 204 (2nd floor)
  • Room 300 (3rd floor)
Description: The rooms have glass doors and windows, a whiteboard, one large table, and several chairs.

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Conference Rooms

Lake Effect Conference Room

How many? 2 rooms
Reservable? Yes

  • Lake Effect Conference Room: 1st floor, room 122 (near the Lake Effect Café)
  • Media Viewing & Conference Room: 2nd floor, room 211 (near the elevator)
Description: Both rooms have a table, several chairs, and a large screen TV. Room 211 (the Media Viewing & Conference Room) also has a DVD player. These rooms are ideal for practicing presentations, Zoom calls, attending webinars, and more.

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IGLUs (Innovative Group Learning Units)


How many? 2
Reservable? No
Location: At the back of the 1st floor lobby area
Description: IGLUs contain a table, several chairs, and a large screen TV. They also have whiteboards that are part of the wall paneling. These spaces are ideal for group work.

Book Nooks

Book nook on 2nd floor

How many? 3 spaces
Reservable? No
Location: South (Hewitt) side of the 2nd floor
Description: Book nooks have tables and chairs mostly enclosed by shelves of books.

24-Hour Room

24-Hour Room

Reservable? No
Location: 1st floor, on the west (Lanigan) side
Description: This room has plenty of seating, and an attached computer lab. The 24 Hour Room is open year-round to students registered for the current semester, except for the week after Commencement and the week after the New Year's holiday. For more information, see the 24-Hour Room page.