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The library's Multimedia Production Rooms are outfitted with a webcam, headphones/microphone, recording software, and tutorials. See complete list of software and hardware in the Multimedia Production Rooms.

Reservation Guidelines

These rooms may be used for multimedia projects only.

  • To use these rooms, you must agree that:
    • You are a current Oswego State student, faculty, or staff member with an address.
    • You will use the room and its technology in a responsible manner.
  • You must make an appointment to use the rooms.
    • Appointments may be made up to 2 months in advance.
    • You may reserve the room up to 4 hours/day and 20 hours/week.
  • When you come to claim the room:
    • Room keys are available at the 2nd Floor Service Desk. You will need your campus ID card to pick up the key.
    • If the space is not claimed within 30 minutes after the reservation begins, it may be given to someone else.

For questions or more information, ask a librarian.

Media Production Room 210

  • Room 208, near the Art Gallery, contains a PC.
  • Room 210 (pictured), near the 2nd Floor Service Desk, contains a PC and Mac.

Book a Multimedia Production Room

Technical Assistance

  • For technical assistance, ask at the 2nd Floor Service Desk. The staff there will contact appropriate personnel.