Peer Advisement

The Peer Advisors are here to help you with any questions you have, anything ranging from declaring a psychology major or minor, what courses to register for, to what campus resources there are for you to use.

Meet the advisors

Raina Domuracki
Raina Domuracki is a junior with a major in psychology, and double minors in public justice and human development. She volunteers with Mentor Oswego, is a member of the Del Sarte Dance Club and has an internship with the Oswego Children’s Project. After undergrad, she is planning to earn her PhD and work in forensic psychology or law enforcement. In her free time she enjoys going to the gym, hiking, sitting in the sun and shopping.

Kimberly Hydar
Kimberly Hydar is a senior psychology major with minors in forensic sciences and public justice. She plans to continue her studies in psychology after undergrad. On campus, Kimberly is a Resident Assistant in Oneida Hall, a Research Assistant for the Psychology Department and a member of the counseling center's Peer to Peer group. In her free time she enjoys binge watching Netflix and making crafts.

Sara Costello
Sara Costello is a psychology major with creative writing minor. She plans on attending graduate school to continue her education in Psychology. She works with auxiliary services at Lake Effect Cafe and is a TA. She enjoys spending her free time reading, writing, and taking pictures of her two cats.
Evelyn Santos

Evelyn Santos is the head peer advisor and is a senior with a double major in psychology and spanish. She plans on continuing onto graduate school, although unsure of a specific career, she hopes to help others as much as she can. On campus, Evelyn is a research assistant for the psychology department with Dr. Tenbergen. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with family and friends, making crafts, drawing, and painting.

Emily Gordon
Emily Gordon is a sophomore and has a major in psychology and a minor is gerontology. She hopes to peruse a master’s degree in psychology once she finishes her bachelors. This is Emily's first year working in the psych department and she's looking forward to many more after this! Her hobbies outside of class include, spending time with her friends, binging Netflix (when she really should be studying), and playing music/singing.
Joseph Lafrance
Joseph Lafrance is a junior global and international studies and psychology double major with a minor in Sociology. After he finishes undergrad he plans on going to graduate school to get a masters in global affairs, with the hopes of some day working for the United Nations. When he’s not doing schoolwork, he’s busy doing research within the Psychology department. In his free time he enjoys hanging out with friends, cooking weird foods, and sleeping!
Nadira Persaud
Nadira Persaud is a junior psychology major with a minor in forensic science and public justice. She is a resident assistant in Oneida Hall on campus. Nadira is the treasurer of the Association of Black Psychologist, which is a student organization on campus. She hopes to one day do her own research in forensic psychology. Nadira is also an admission representative for campus life. Her interest includes reading, video games, sitting around in the sun and helping others. Nadira hopes to one day change the world by doing one small act of kindness everyday. She is a humanitarian, a scientist and an over achiever who strives to encourage others and make sure that they always follow their dreams and aspirations!
Alaina Schopp
Alaina Schopp is a psychology major. She’s planning on continuing her psychology studies in hopes to become a psychiatrist. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing the piano, and walking her two dogs.