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After Oswego

A psychology major can prove beneficial in many ways and many SUNY Oswego graduates continue their studies in graduate school or fields related to psychology.

SUNY Oswego psychology majors have continued graduate studies in psychology, health professions, physical/occupational therapy, business, social work, and law​.

Courtney Hadjeasgari '14

Courtney Hadjeasgari '14

1. Gaduation Year: 2014

2. Majors (& Minors): Psychology (Sociology)

3. Major Honors/Awards: President’s List, Dean’s List, Omicron Delta Kappa, Psi Chi

4. Experiences: Research Lab Manager for Dr. Dykas in the Relationships Across Development Laboratory, Marketing Student Manager 
at Cooper/Glimmerglass Fitness Center, Events/Media Intern 
and Peer Educator at The Lifestyles Center, Intern at Child and Family Services at Oswego Hospital, Committee Member on the Campus Concept Committee, Member of Active Minds, Albany H4H Habitat For Humanity Volunteer

5. Current graduate program: University of Denver Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA Program (past Teach For America in Granville County, North Carolina)

The psychology program at SUNY Oswego provided me with a great deal of experiences that have been helpful to my career as a third grade teacher in North Carolina. Working with Dr. Dykas I was able to gain experience as a Research Lab Manager. These skills have helped me become a better leader in the classroom and in the work environment. My Peer Educator experiences at The Lifestyles Center, as well as manager at the Fitness Center have also helped me in my profession. I have been able to use those practiced skills in my classroom. The psychology department at SUNY Oswego was extremely helpful and beneficial to my learning experience. I feel like I gained many meaningful relationships with faculty, which helped me in the grad school process, as wellas the career process. My advice for current students is to ake advantage of all the opportunities you have at Oswego. Get involved with professors. Get into a research lab and get some experience. This will help you to figure out what you like, and what you don’t like. Even if you are unsure of what you want to do right now, continue to work hard and make yourself available to different research and job opportunities at Oswego.

Katherine George '12

Katherine George '12

Katherine George1. Graduation Year: 2012

2. Majors (& Minors): Psychology(Gerontology)

3. Major Honors/Awards: Helen B. Daly Award for Excellence in Psychological Research, Dean’s List, President’s List, Summa Cum Laude

4. Experiences:  Research Assistant for the Relationships Across Development Laboratory, Teaching Assistant for Developmental Psychology, Group Leader for Adopt-A-Grandparent

5. Current graduate program: Currently completing a Master Degree in Higher Education Administration from Stony Brook University

Much of my success in my graduate studies can be directly attributed to the skills and knowledge I gained earning a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from SUNY Oswego. I found the coursework in the psychology program to inspire critical thinking and to promote the academic skills necessary for my graduate work. Additionally, my participation as a Research Assistant for the Relationships Across Development Lab prepared me for advanced level research, academic writing, and presentations at professional and academic conferences. Overall, my coursework and experiences as a research assistant, teacher’s assistant, and group leader, combined with the mentorship of Dr. Dykas helped me to find my path and to pursue my aspirations with purpose and confidence. I would tell current students that while exciting, figuring out a path to pursue is not always the easiest thing to do and it is always prone to change. Taking advantage of as many opportunities in and outside of the classroom will help you to develop diverse skills and experiences that will not only keep your options open, but also create new ones you may have never previously considered. I highly recommend obtaining roles such as research assistant, teacher’s assistant, peer advisor, leadership positions in various programs and organizations… This will allow you to gain a better idea of your aspirations, to build a professional network, and to promote skills that are critical to having success any field.