The library's Analog to Digital Area has technology for converting various analog formats.

It is located on the 2nd floor of the library, near the media collection. No reservation is needed; the equipment is available on a first-come-first-served basis.

You must consider any copyright restrictions when converting material to digital. You are responsible for complying with copyright law.

Learn more about copyright


Turntable for digitizing vinyl records.

Convert vinyl records to digital music.

See turntable instructions

VHS to Digital Converter

Cable for digitizing VHS tapes.

Create digital copies of VHS tapes. Can be borrowed from the 2nd Floor Service Desk. Use it in the Analog to Digital Area, or take it home.

See VHS-to-digital instructions

Slide / Film Scanner

Slide and film scanner.

Scan slides and film to create digital copies.

See slide / film scanner instructions

Large Format Scanner

 Large format scanner in the Analog to Digital Area.

Scan large documents, photos, maps, posters, and more to create digital copies.

See large format scanner instructions

Need Help?

Help binder in the Analog to Digital Area.

Look for the binder of instructions in the Analog to Digital Area.

If you still need help or something isn't working, visit the Research Help Desk on the 1st floor or Ask a Librarian.

Note: After hours help will be more limited and you may need to wait for the next day for a response.