Penfield Library at SUNY Oswego appreciates opportunities to acquire works of art for loans and exhibits. As space for display and storage is limited, this policy outlines conditions and considerations under which works of art will be accepted by Penfield Library.

Selection Criteria

Acquisitions of works of art are at the discretion of Penfield Library. Works can be acquired by purchase, gift, or loan.

The following conditions will be considered in the decision to acquire works of art:

  1. Relation of the object or the artist to SUNY Oswego.
  2. Size, condition, and media of the work.
  3. Restrictions or stipulations on the disposition of the art.
  4. Provenance or other documentation of the work.
  5. Appropriate available spaces for displaying the work.

Penfield Library legally cannot provide an appraisal or estimate of value on any tangible property for tax purposes. The Library will provide a letter acknowledging the work of art and, upon request, describing the object acquired for the artist's records.

Retention and Disposal of Gifted Works

Penfield Library reserves the right to retain, display, sell, donate, return, or dispose of any works of art owned by the Library as it sees fit. Penfield Library may choose not to display an acquired work of art, and it may also determine that if such work of art is inappropriate to its collection, the work may be sold, donated to another institution, returned to the artist, or disposed of in any other way determined to be in the best interest of the Library.

Funds received from the de-accessioning and disposal of art will be used solely for the benefit of Penfield Library.

Security and Insurance

Be advised that Penfield Library is a public space, and that we cannot assume responsibility for damage or loss sustained. Artists should be aware that Penfield Library does not maintain separate insurance on acquired works. Artists are encouraged to carry sufficient insurance to cover any damage or loss that may occur while the works of art are at Penfield Library.


Penfield Library staff is not trained in art conservation. Penfield Library does not have any conservation storage facilities, and it is not feasible for the Library to display or store works of art that require special temperature, humidity, or light control. Humidity and temperature are kept at levels appropriate for regular working conditions, but may not be appropriate for valuable works of art. All risks related to temperature, humidity, or light are the responsibility of the artist.

Short Term Exhibits

The following are responsibilities of the exhibitor and Penfield Library:

  1. Exhibits are typically the work of SUNY Oswego faculty, staff, or art faculty sponsored students. They may also be outside exhibits approved by Library administration.
  2. A highly visible project description or artist statement must be included with the exhibit.
  3. Penfield Library will provide gray rods (4', 5', or 6') and metal hooks, holders, and clips of various sizes.
  4. Exhibitors are responsible for installing and removing the exhibit during the month(s) reserved, with these activities taking place between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Artist/exhibitor should print and complete the art acquisitions and exhibits form.

Policy adopted 12/11 by Penfield Advisory Group

TC/BAS 12/13/11; revised 8/23/13