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3D printer

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is a process in which a special printer gradually builds a three-dimensional model based on what it reads in a computer file.

There are many different types of material 3D printers can use; ours print with PLA, a type of corn-based, biodegradable plastic.

What is 3D Scanning?

Like a regular scanner, 3D scanners create a copy of an existing object. With cameras, 3D scanners look all around an object and gather data to create a three-dimensional digital model.

These models can be used for 3D printing, art, video games, augmented reality, and more.

We currently have 3D scanners available to borrow and others you can come to the library to use. To learn more, contact librarytech@oswego.edu.

Getting Started

3D printers read information from special computer files to know what to print. These files are typically created with 3D modeling software.

At this time, the library cannot create designs for you, but will print designs you send to us.

Learn more about where to find free 3D models online or how to get started with 3D design.