Beyond the classroom

Student studying robotics

Robotics Club

Students from all majors interested in robotics, with or without experience, are welcome to join. Members learn how to build and program a basic robot. While there are robot competitions throughout the year for members who are interested, our club is a source of entertainment for people who want to work with robots but don’t want to compete against other teams.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IEEE is the world's largest professional organization of engineers and scientists. It provides a wide range of learning opportunities within the engineering and technological sciences. The goal of these programs is to ensure the growth of skill and knowledge among professionals and to support continuing education among IEEE members. IEEE sponsors many international engineering conferences and provides a rich environment for sharing knowledge in the electrical engineering community.

The IEEE student branch at SUNY Oswego provides a great opportunity for ECE students to discuss and explore the most recent advances in the engineering world. The student teams get the chance to design and test their project ideas, which can be presented at many undergraduate student conferences. By joining the IEEE student branch, students get the opportunity to develop their leadership and communications skills, helping them to excel in their future professional careers.