Individual Services

Individual counseling is available at the CSC, and is our most popular service that we offer. Many students find that having a time to take care of themselves can be important in helping them reach their academic and personal goals.

The counselors at the CSC are trained in many different forms of psychotherapy and can work with a plethora of mental health issues and concerns. To best serve our students, the CSC uses a brief model of counseling. This means that we ask our clients to come to counseling with a goal in mind. Some questions we might ask at your first session are:

  • What do you want to work on?

  • How will counseling help you solve this problem?

  • What is different about the times when this was less of a problem?

  • What will be different in your life once this problem is solved and how will you know that you no longer need counseling for this issue?

Along with getting to know you, we will assess the problem and help you find ways to work on solving your problem. With true commitment to change and their counselor’s support, many students find the counseling process beneficial.  

Here are some important things to know about your first appointment:

• You will recieve an email reminder a day before your appointment, which will include instructions on completing some paperwork. Please review the instructions and complete your paperwork before your session.

• At first, you will have an intake session with one of our counselors to clarify the concerns and/or problems that prompted you to seek counseling. The intake session will allow you and the counselor to determine if the CSC will be appropriate for you to continue counseling, or if a referral for off-campus services is needed. Sessions typically last between 45-50 minutes.

•If it is determined that you would benefit from continued counseling, you and your counselor will discuss a schedule for sessions, as well as how many sessions you can expect to have for the semester. Typically, students are seen 4-6 times in one semester, depending on the problem. If long-term or more intensive treatment is needed, your counselor will help you get connected to services off campus.