Let's Talk!

Let's Talk is a Counseling Center Outreach Program designed to engage students by providing informal walk-in consultations with a counselor. See below for spring 2018 hours and locations. Additional sites, days, and hours may be added on other parts of campus.

Let's Talk is considered different from counseling and is not a "clinical" service. We call it "informal consultation" or "consultation and support." There is no formal intake, no appointments and no fees.  Students are encouraged to drop by and talk about whatever is important to them. Meetings have no set time length and are one-on-one.

The purpose of Let's Talk is to provide a pre-counseling opportunity for you to try out talking to a counselor. Many students are helped by one visit. Others stop by occasionally. Some could benefit from ongoing counseling and are encouraged to come to the counseling center.  Once a connection is made with a counselor and the process is demystified, it's much easier to make a referral for formal counseling.

Let’s Talk locations Spring 2018

Monday                   4:00-6:00 PM          103S Cayuga Hall (first floor)

Tuesday                  2:00-4:00 PM          115 B Laker Hall 

Tuesday                  4:00-6:00 PM           Onondaga Hall Piano room (Basement)

Wednesday             3:30-5:00 PM           Lakeside Resource Room (140)

(First room to your left as you enter Lakeside/Johnson)

Wednesday              4:00-6:00 PM           Oneida Hall Piano Room (across from elevator)

Wednesday              6:00-7:30 PM           Lakeside Resource Room (140)

(First room to your left as you enter Lakeside/Johnson)

Thursday                  4:00-6:00 PM           Seneca Hall Staff Room (basement)