Counseling Outreach Peer Educators (COPE)

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What is the COPE Team?

The Counseling Outreach Peer Educators are SUNY Oswego students who engage, empower, and promote educational campus environments connected to psychological health and wellness. The role of the COPE team is to facilitate programs and provide information on mental health topics that can impact the academic and social success and overall well-being of SUNY Oswego students. COPE members are committed to teaching skills that can help fellow students reduce potential for distressful life experiences (prevention) and to resolve stressful situations more quickly should they arise. The COPE team is made up of undergraduate students who represent a rich diversity ofcultural and life experiences. They have a commitment to learning, teaching, assessing, role modeling, communicating in person and using social media, and effective presentation skills.

Interested in joining COPE?

Meet the COPE Team

Name: Jillian Daniele
Year: Senior
Major/Minor: Sociology / Business Administration
Fun Fact: Takeoff is my favorite Migos
Self-Care: Meditation

Name: Meghan Werth
Year: Senior
Major/Minor: Human Resource Management/ Psychology
Self Care: watching Love Island and doing my skincare routine!

Name: Erin Wilmot
Year: Senior
Major/Minor: Psychology & Criminal Justice
Fun Fact: My favorite video game is Stardew Valley

Name: Alyssa Scheib
Year: Junior
Major/Minor: Psychology & Expressive Art Therapy
Fun Fact: I have visited over five countries.

Name: Carolyn Gerstle
Year: Senior
Major/Minor: Public Relations and English
Fun Fact: I have a twin brother!
Fav self care activity: journaling!

Name: Adriana Militello
Year: Junior
Major/Minor: Psychology Major & Minors in Cognitive Science and Forensic Science
Self Care: Painting

Name: Brooke Brozyna
Year: Senior
Major/Minor: Marketing Major & Double Minor in Communication and Sales
Fun Fact: I love Marvel and all things Disney.
Fave self car activity: Getting comfy and reading a book

Name: Alyssa Czaplinski
Year: Sophomore
Major/Minor: Childhood Education with a concentration in Women’s Studies
Fun Fact: My favorite Marvel movie is Doctor Strange!
Fav self care activity: Watching a good show or movie!

Name: Brooke Gingher
Year: Junior
Major/Minor: Psychology, minors in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science
Fun Fact: My favorite band is AJR and I once saw them in concert for $3!
Fav self care activity: Going for a walk

Name: Yocelin Fernandez
Year: Senior
Major/Minor: Communication/Social Interaction and Psychology
Fun Fact: I won my current phone from a giveaway!
Fav self care activity: Giving myself a spa night: face mask, manicures, pedicures :)

Name: Julia Axelband
Year: Senior
Major/Minor: Psychology Major and Sociology/Nutrition Minors
Fun Fact: I have a two year old mini dachshund named Winnie!
Fav self care activity: Hanging out with my pets

Name: Sadie Borruso
Year: Sophomore
Major: Psychology
Fav Self care activity: Making art

Picture of Kyle Dzintars

Name: Kyle Dzintars
Year: SUNY Oswego Alumni / COPE Supervisor
Major/Minor: Creative Writing (B.A) and Mental Health Counseling (M.S.)
Fun Fact: PokemonGo is my exercise routine.
Self-Care: Yoga with Adriene practices help me stay grounded.