2016-17 annual report

Together ...
We Are SUNY Oswego

Message from the President

The past year was one of positive growth, innovative change and, as evidenced in this Annual Report, marked by student success, national rankings and recognition, increased access and opportunity for all, and evolving and transformative learning experiences.

The college’s collaborative and insightful work over the past year is something the SUNY Oswego community can look back on with genuine pride. We remained focused on monitoring our institutional progress; expanded academic program offerings; recruited a culturally diverse student body; rejuvenated the campus through our ongoing capital improvement plan; and remained committed to growing our endowment to help support the college and today’s and tomorrow’s students.

Beyond our campus this past year, we were challenged, shocked and deeply saddened by world events and acts of violence, and significantly unsettled by political upheaval and distrust. How did SUNY Oswego respond? We engaged in civil discourse throughout the year and encouraged our students to always seek a greater understanding. We reached out, discussed and listened to each other to build bridges across our divides. We celebrated and promoted equality, diversity and inclusivity – truly democratizing the opportunity of this special place.

The state of our college is strong. This strength emanates from a collaborative push to think strategically, a shared commitment to excellence, and a collective focus to achieve our vision – together. The work of so many talented and dedicated people ensures our excellence today and for generations to come. Whether you are a student, a member of our 85,000-member strong alumni base, or a dedicated member of our faculty and staff, we are all connected and aligned in our desire to provide “a transformative experience to a diverse body of students, empowering them to build a better world.”

Our campus is purposeful; we are resilient and responsive; we are vital; but most important … “Together – We are SUNY Oswego.”

Deborah F. Stanley