The VA Certifying Official assists veterans and eligible dependents entitled to educational benefits studying under programs administered by the Veterans' Benefits Administration. They can help students through the entire process from determining eligibility to receiving educational assistance benefits. Benefits are based on a student’s status: full-time, part-time, or less than part-time.

Those interested in veterans' benefits under the GI Bill (Active Duty or Selected Reserve) should visit the Financial Aid Office in 206F Culkin Hall during posted business hours. Office staff includes students who have served in the armed forces and stand ready to help others receive the full benefits they have earned. Students may reach the VA Certifying Official at 315.312.5414 or via e-mail for further information.

Getting started

Initial consultation may require 30 minutes or more, so please plan accordingly. To assist in this process, please be sure to bring the following items if they apply:

  • Your SUNY Oswego acceptance letter
  • DD214 for the veteran under which you are applying for benefits
  • Notice of basic eligibility (if you are in the Reserves)
  • Necessary paperwork to demonstrate eligibility for Chapter 35
  • A record of previous college courses

Programs to support your studies