NEW! Guest Registration Procedure beginning Fall 2018.

Housing Agreements

Room and Board Agreement 2018-2019 (pdf 657k) This document is to be signed by each resident student at the time they reserve a residence hall room or Village townhouse apartment. It serves as a contract between the College and each resident student.

Hart Hall Global Living and Learning Agreement (pdf 145k) This form is a contract for residents living in Hart Hall Global Living and Learning Center. Students accepted into the Hart program are to print, sign and return this document PRIOR to moving into Hart.

Johnson Hall First Year Experience Resident Agreement (pdf 157k) All residents of Johnson Hall must fully participate in all aspects of the Johnson Hall First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) program. To confirm their willingness to participate in the program, students must submit a signed copy of this agreement if they wish to be assigned to Johnson Hall.

24 Hour Quiet Floor Agreement (pdf 144k) This form is a contract for 24 hour quiet floors around campus and must be completed by residents living on those designated floors.

Single Room Agreement (pdf 141k) Students granted the option of living without a roommate in a double room, must complete, sign and submit this form.

Optional Forms

Requests for Medical Housing Consideration (pdf 366k) Students seeking specific housing consideration due to disability or medical necessity, complete this form and return to the Residence Life & Housing office at 303 Culkin Hall. Medical Housing Consideration Policy and Process.

Guest Registration Off-Campus Guests/Students: All guests from outside the institution and off-campus students will be required to create a guest registration within the visitor pass system. This is accomplished by visiting the above link via their cell phone. Their mobile phone number is their primary identifier.
Guest Registration (PAPER FORM for Guest Registration - for those who need it.) (pdf 117k) With the consent of all roommates, resident students can have overnight guests; guests must be registered with the front desk of the hall.

Loftable FURNITURE Layout Options 2018-19 (pdf 343k) for Cayuga, Funnelle, Hart, Johnson, Moreland*, Oneida, Onondaga, Riggs, Scales, Seneca, Sheldon, and Waterbury Halls. Review this form and request various bed lofting and furniture configuration options available. (Not available in The Village or Lonis Hall single rooms.) *Moreland Hall rooms have loftable beds only. The other furniture will differ from what is pictured. APPLY ONLINE at under the "Application" tab.

Refrigerator Rentals: 2018-19 (pdf 204k) Students wishing to rent a refrigerator for their room should complete the online Refrigerator Rental Agreement form and submit payment here.
Please DO NOT mail a form if you completed it online.
Students who choose to pay by cash or check should download and bring this Agreement form (pdf 247k) to Residence Life & Housing in 303 Culkin Hall. Summer school students who choose to pay in person must also come to 303 Culkin.

Personal Refrigerator Registration is no longer needed. Please check the restrictions on personal refrigerators in residence rooms under the Appliances section of the Room & Board Agreement.

Requests to Live Off Campus

Request for Exemption from College Housing Policy (pdf 125kb) Students who have not signed a Room and Board Agreement and wish to be exempted from the College Housing Policy must submit this form.
Exemption Form Background and Directions (pdf 140k)

Request to Terminate Room and Board Agreement (pdf 187k) Students who have signed a Room and Board Agreement but subsequently wish to terminate the agreement and move off-campus, must submit this form. In addition, the student may need to meet with a staff member in the Residence Life and Housing office to explain the reasons for the request. Termination Form Directions (pdf 134k)

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