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EOP Summer Program for incoming freshmen

2015 dates: Monday, July 6 - Saturday, Aug. 1

Who attends the summer program?
All incoming EOP freshmen are required to attend and successfully complete our mandatory summer program as part of their admission to the college.

Please complete the following steps to attend the summer program as soon as you have accepted your addmissions offer to attend SUNY Oswego:

Step 1: Complete the registration necessary located at the New Student Orientation page 

*All new students must complete a Health History Information Form and file Immunization Records with the Mary Walker Heath Center prior to registering for an Orientation program. This can be completed in MyOswego. When you go to the New Student Menu, it will be under Step 2. If you have any questions, please contact the Walker Health Center at 315.312.4100. You can begin the process by activating your new Oswego Email account as soon as you submit your intent to enroll.  You will also want to complete your Health History Form and attach the immunizations and then fax it to the Mary Walker Health Center at 315.312.5409.

Step 2: Complete the summer program checklist forms by June 8, 2015.

What is it?
The EOP Summer Program is designed to facilitate students' successful transition from high school to college. Through our rigorous curriculum and course work, students enhance and build skills specific to college-level learning. Students stay on campus during the entire summer program including weekends (no visitors are permitted). In addition to our Educational Opportunity Program professional staff and instructors, we train and hire EOP peer leaders to live and work with our students throughout the summer program. Our peer leaders serve as mentors to our freshmen during the summer and into the academic year. The summer program serves as the foundation of our program and marks the beginning of your life as a life-long member of our EOP family.

Where does the program take place?
All EOP Summer Program students will live in Funnelle Hall on campus in addition to all other residential students taking classes during the summer. Classes are held in various classrooms across campus similar to the academic year.

How does it work?
I. Orientation
As part of our summer program, students will participate in the college's Orientation Program on Monday, July 6, and Tuesday, July 7, with other incoming Oswego freshmen. Students do not need to register separately for Orientation. Parents are welcome to stay and attend orientation and should be sure to register and make arrangements to do so with the Orientation Office.

II. Classes
Students attend classes Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. and have homework, tutoring and activities in the evenings. Classes include the content areas of math, critical thinking, personal excellence and study skills.  All students will receive their summer program class schedule on Monday, July 6, during our EOP opening meeting.

III. Community service
As new community members of the city of Oswego, our EOP Summer Program students engage in community service each year by participating in our local summer festival, Harborfest, as community volunteers. Our EOP group is the largest volunteer community for this event and is highly appreciated for the contributions our students make to this yearly event.

IV. Costs
EOP covers all costs including housing, food, books and activities for the summer program. Transportation to and from the campus is not covered by the program and is the students' responsibility. We do, however, provide a bus for up to 50 downstate students (NYC and surrounding areas) to and from the campus for the summer for a $40 fee. Additionally, we provide a shuttle from the Syracuse Transportation Center to Oswego for anyone who arrives by bus or train.  *Please see the bus and shuttle forms for more information and to make your reservation for either.