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Dr. Clemo - 2014

Dr. Lorrie Clemo, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

SUNY Oswego’s thriving academic programs attract the best students and scholars to a dynamic, engaged higher education community.

We seek to not only foster learning, but to change lives and improve the world. Professors and students work closely on everything from first-year classes to solutions to third-world problems. Our faculty collaborate across disciplines, between schools and throughout the world. Our culture of cooperation unites research and relationships, inside and outside our classrooms. Our students learn through intensive research and internships, studying abroad and service learning. Our comprehensive approach creates connections and opportunities for learning in every part of our students’ lives, with our faculty and staff key players in every success.

Reports and Initiatives

We are dedicated to creating ways to promote our college and learning, locally to globally.
Possibility Scholarship
Global Laboratory
Middle States Self-Study
Annual Report
Summer Scholars
Genius Olympiad