Now a branch campus

The SUNY Oswego Metro Center in downtown Syracuse’s Clinton Square provides in-demand educational opportunities while supporting the vibrancy and vitality of Central New York.

Recently earning designation as a branch campus, the Metro Center is now able to offer full degrees. With 14 undergraduate, master’s and advanced certificate programs approved to be offered at Oswego’s Syracuse campus, we are excited to provide these programs as student demand and employer needs determine.

Master's degrees

Students are able to earn complete master’s degrees at the Syracuse campus. Currently, with some courses online:

Graduate certificates

The Syracuse campus also offers advanced certificates to support current work or to enhance a professional’s future marketability. Currently, with some courses online:

* post-grad certification for current education professionals

Call 315.312.3152 or email for more information on certificate programs.

Looking to the future

Beginning in 2016, students will be able to transfer credits and complete undergraduate degrees in business administration and public justice. Call SUNY Oswego’s undergraduate Admissions Office for more information at 315.312.2250.

Planned expansions will include a full master’s degree in adolescent education, an undergraduate major in human development and certificate programs in play therapy and integrated media and social networks.

Connected with the community

The Syracuse campus location makes SUNY Oswego’s undergraduate, graduate education, research and resources easily accessible to individuals and organizations in Central New York. The dynamic learning environment is enriched by opportunities, experiences and resources found in Syracuse.

Syracuse campus classes, offered primarily in the evenings and on weekends, accommodate the schedules of nontraditional students and busy working professionals at affordable SUNY tuition rates. If you need to take the GMAT or GRE to enter grad school, the Syracuse campus hosts classes to help you prepare. As a branch campus, we also offer on-site advisement, library resources and other important support services.

We also support the business community by providing professional development workshops and non-credit courses, customized and contract training and an attractive, convenient space for booking your next meeting or special event.