Political Science

Why study politics? What do political scientists do? What kinds of jobs can you get with a Political Science degree?

Political Science majors at SUNY Oswego examine relationships among individuals, groups, institutions and governments to understand the quest for justice, liberty, power and wealth that is at the heart of politics. At Oswego, this quest is studied from a variety of analytical perspectives and theoretical approaches. Political science courses cover issues as far-ranging as American civil liberties, globalization and democracy, mass media, international law, environmental sustainability, immigration, European government, and terrorism.

At its core, Political Science looks at the ways in which people organize their societies to make collective choices for themselves and others. Thus, the study of politics is an attempt to address fundamental questions like: "How should we live?," "What is justice?," and "Who should get what, why, and how?" Political Science also tries to understand and explain what motivates people to seek political change and how the success of such endeavors is conditioned by history, economics and patterns of social life.

In all cases, our faculty will encourage and help you to develop two of the most important skills in today's rapidly changing world: the capacity to think critically and the ability to communicate effectively. Graduates of our department have applied these skills to a diverse range of careers including journalism, law, government, teaching, business and the military.

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