President's Council

Mary C. Toale 

Scott Furlong

Scott Furlong 
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Kathleen GKerr 
Vice President for Student Affairs

Victoria Furlong
Vice President for Administration and Finance
Mary Canale

Mary Canale
Vice President for Development and Alumni Engagement

Reginald T. Braggs 
Interim Executive to the President and Affirmative Action Officer

Kristi Eck
Chief of Staff
Executive Director of Strategic Planning & Project Development

Kendra N. Cadogan
Interim Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Rodmon King
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Wayne Westervelt
Chief Communication Officer

With Deans

Kristin Croyle
Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Prabakar Kothandaraman
Dean of Business

Julie Pretzat
Dean of Communication, Media and the Arts

Laura Spenceley
Interim Dean of Education

Kristen Eichhorn
Dean of Graduate Studies

Jill Pippin
Dean of Extended Learning

Mitch Fields
Associate Vice President for Facilities Services

Rameen Mohammadi 
Associate Provost for Undergraduate and Special Programs

Sean Moriarty
Chief Technology Officer

Sarah Weisman
Library Director

Joel R. Wincowski
Interim Executive Director of Enrollment Management